Downtown Flooding

In case you missed it, the rain we had on Tuesday really socked Downtown Frederick:

Some businesses also sustained major damage:

Berberich estimated he lost close to $50,000 of inventory, including records, display cases and stereo equipment. His store, along with those on either side — Whidden Willow and an office of Verizon Wireless — were hardest hit by the overnight rainstorm, although others also reported minor damage, said Kara Norman, executive director of the Downtown Frederick Partnership.

Berberich said the shop’s location — below street level in a valley, with Patrick Street sloping upward on either side — made him and his neighbors prime targets for the torrential water that accumulated Tuesday night.

If you want to help contact the Downtown Frederick Partnership or make a donation to the shops directly effected.

Some fun for the weekend

Two fun things going on this weekend:

11 Years

I started Frederick Maryland Online 11 years ago today.


I don’t have as much time to commit to it these days (2 kids, busy job, and life in general), but it’s still a labor of love for the community I call home.

I just wanted to mark this milestone and thank those that have helped me keep the site going over the years either by reading, writing comments, or contributing their own articles.

You all (and Frederick) rock!