Cowork Frederick Opens September 4th

Cowork Frederick opens on September 4th. It’s a ” … collaborative working environment for independents, freelancers, entrepreneurs, telecommuters and others interested in the synergy that comes from working with other talented people in the same space. It’s a place you can go to escape the isolation of working at home, to get away from distractions at the office, where you can work all day without glares from cafe patrons looking for a place to sit.”

The place looks great:

cowork frederick

cowork frederick

I wish there was something like this when I was schlepping down 270. Check out for more information about rates and availability.


A New Emergency System, Frederick Works, and More

Some interesting tidbits of Frederick News:

Unemployment Rates in Frederick County for November 2009

Unemployment in Frederick County

Unemployment in Frederick County, 2009

A screen shot of an interactive map from the Washington Post site showing unemployment rates across the country by county. In case you can’t read the text in the image above it shows an unemployment rate of 6.1% in Frederick County for November 2009. Washington County has a 10% rate for November 2009 and Montgomery County has a 5.3% rate. The national average is 9.4%.

Bike to Work Day 2009

Frederick will be participating in the annual Bike to Work Day:

TransIT invites you to participate in this annual event and will offer free rides on TransIT Connector and Shuttle buses to cyclists who combine biking and riding public transportation on Bike to Work Day. Visit the Frederick pit stop at the Transit Center (East Street MARC train station) for a chance to win a bicycle donated by the Bicycle Escape. There will also be free snacks, beverages, and giveaway items.

Good to see FMO Sponsor, Bicycle Escape, is supporting the event. Register on the Washington Area Bicyclist Association site.

Fun for 270 commuters

Kim submits the following tip that should be of interest to all you 270 commuters out there …

I saw on the State Highway web site that they have put out a bid for the replacement of Dual Single Span Bridges No. 10080 on I-270 over Dr. Perry Road. The replacement bridge will be built on the same roadway alignment. The single span steel girder bridge will be 80′ long and 127′ wide. The project also includes 0.24 miles of road work on Dr. Perry Road beneath the bridge. During construction a temporary roadway will be constructed within the median of I-270 to maintain all lanes of traffic on I-270. On Dr. Perry Road, two way traffic will be maintained in one lane through a flagging operation while roadwork is being done.

Now, they could change their minds and the plans (and though it bids on June 19th, it could get postponed, and who knows when the project would actually start), but I thought you might like to have the heads-up.

Glad to see improvements to 270, but that should add some time to my commute. They better add room for an extra lane while they are busting the bridge up. If not it’s pretty much a useless exercise. Here is the announcement from the Maryland SHA on the project in case you are interested.


Want to be a pig?

A Comedy Pig that is …

We need to fill-up our comedy pig-pen!

The Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s Comedy Pigs Improv & Sketch Comedy Troupe is looking for improvisors to add to our roster of comedy swine!

We will be holding open auditions for people interested in joining the area’s longest running improvisational & sketch comedy troupe! All those experienced in improvisation and people that are just plain hilarious are welcome!

Sunday, April 6th at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre
31 West Patrick Street in downtown Frederick, MD.
Plan to stay from 12:00 to 2:00pm

The following Sunday, April 13th at the theatre.

For more information and to sign up, please call 301-606-6655 or email

See ya in the Pen! (And check out our latest shows, April 5th & 19th, at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, at 10:30pm!)

Thanks for the tip Allison.