Giant Slide at Rocky Ridge

I can’t believe I’ve lived here over 20 years and never heard about the giant slide at Rocky Ridge.  My friend Danny told me about taking his 4 year old son there today and I was all, huh?  What are you talking about?  A giant wooden slide that’s been there for forever, that I could have taken my kids to when they were younger but never knew about??

Apparently the land it’s on is owned by a church or something.  There are signs that tell you to slide at your own risk and there are burlap sacks available to slide on down the slick wooden surface.

Imagine a bumpy bowling alley tilted on end. You are the human bowling pin! No fear! A pile of sawdust awaits you at the bottom. Grab one of the scraps of fabric at the base (burlap sack is the fastest), climb the ramp and slide away!

Locally known as a “Sliding Board”(35 ft High x 100 ft Long). Close to Thurmont, MD, home of Camp David.

How did I not know about this?  Has anyone been there?

It’s located on Motter’s Station Rd  (MD 76) , 1/4 mile north of Rocky Ridge.  Admission is free!


Crazy weather

We live in the southern part of the county and that tornado yesterday just missed our property.  Don’t get me wrong.  We had some damage and the storm itself was brief but very frightening, but nothing compared to what a neighboring farm withstood and then also some properties on Mussetter Rd.  If there are any doubters that it really was a tornado, here’s a preliminary report from the National Weather Service that  states there were actually two separate tornados yesterday (Sorry.  That link is to a site that constantly changes.  I’ll have to look for another link that reports on what I read regarding the two separate tornados.) OK, here is another link to what I read.  Hopefully that one won’t change as well!

Our power went out for several hours, as did the power in the entire region.  The bars and restaurants around FSK Mall were filled with people who had stories to tell about the damage to their properties as they waited for their power to be restored.  Quite frankly, I have to give major kudos to Allegheny Power for getting the power back as quickly as they did.  Jim and I drove around the area today to survey the damage and it is extensive.  The pictures on the FNP link above do not do justice to the amount of property damage, especially on Ball and Mussetter Roads.  We saw whole buildings destroyed, whole tree lines uprooted, evidence of trees that had been cleared off roads and a lot of people out cleaning up their yards.  Thankfully as far as we know, no one was hurt.

Speaking of crazy weather, my friend Eric sent me this picture taken with his cell phone from inside Brewer’s Alley last Thursday, 7/23.  That was the night we got a ton of rain, roughtly 4 inches in a half  hour/45 minute period, about 10:00 at night.  You can tell from the picture that Market Street was completely flooded.  By all accounts, the water was off the street about a half hour after it stopped raining.  Good to know the flood control project at Carroll Creek works.


A giant coke bottle, kids clothes, and more

Here are a couple tidbits of news from around town:


Frederick's very own beast

I was perusing the Frederick Gazette this morning when I ran across this very interesting article about the Snallygaster.

The Snallygaster!

The Snallygaster!

The Snallygaster is one of Maryland’s own cryptids, a creature that falls “outside of taxonomic records.” These are the animals of myth and legend, the creatures that are seen but whose existence is never proven. These are the beasts whose photographs are always out of focus, always fuzzy. What does the Snallygaster look like? How will you know it when it appears on your doorstep looking for candy? (Truthfully, the Snallygasters are more known for their fondness of blood than candy corn.)

Perhaps the Snallygaster’s most defining feature is its one eye and its very large wings.  Other characteristics are debated, but it probably has a beak. It is reported as having claws, but it is also reported as having hooves. At times it has tentacles. It is reptilian, it is bird-like. It resembles a flying octopus.

The word Snallygaster has its origins in the German phrase “schneller geist,” meaning quick spirit. There are early references to ghosties and ghoulies that could be the Snallygaster throughout Frederick’s history. The documented Snallygaster, however, is a twentieth century beast. The first newspaper article about the Snallygaster appeared in 1909 in the Middletown Valley Register. A smattering of articles appeared during that time. The Snallygaster then went dormant in this area until 1932, when a series of sightings were again reported in the Middletown paper.

The Snallygaster’s travels throughout Maryland are not limited to Frederick County.  It has been seen not only in neighboring Carroll and Washington Counties, but as far away as Baltimore and Cecil Counties.

If you want to learn more about the Sanllygaster, Patrick Boyton, local researcher and author, will be speaking at 7 p.m. Monday at the Middletown Branch of Frederick County Public Libraries about his recent book about the beast. For further information about this event please call the Middletown Branch at 301-371-7560.

You can also purchase Mr. Boyton’s book Snallygaster: the Lost Legend of Frederick County online.


When is Enough enough?

I was flipping through channels tonight and saw a most amazing story on Fox5 on their 10 o’clock news broadcast. According to a story on their web site:

A group of women in Frederick, Maryland say they got booted out of an All You Can Eat restaurant.
They say they were denied more food because of their size.

The seven women say they paid 30 bucks a piece for an All You Can Eat Crab Legs dinner at Barley and Hops.

But before they could get all they wanted to eat, they say the manager put the brakes on service.

The women had 64 orders of crab legs.

Wow. To be honest, I can’t eat one order of crab legs (since I have an allergy to “crabs” including shrimp. lobster, crayfish and any other crustacean) let alone 64/7 = more than 9 orders per person.

I’d recommend watching the full video coverage on the link (sidebar), but I am not able to link to it here.

So this begs the question:  What’s your favorite AYCE venue in Frederick?  These ladies are obviously going to need help finding a new establishment.


Bio Remediation is working

In a follow-up to an earlier story we ran, yesterday the FNP had an update on the effectiveness of the Bio-balls in controlling algae growth in Carroll Creek.

According to the article:

The use of bio-balls has dramatically decreased the amount of algae appearing in the creek, said Roelkey Myers, director of parks and recreation.

Eight of the softball-sized, plastic orbs have been placed in the creek between Bentz and East streets. The balls slowly release enzymes that compete for the same nutrient the algae needs to grow.

From Quigley Brown's Great Frederick Float photo stream

Overall, Myers said, he has seen a 90 percent reduction in the prevalence of algae blooms in the creek.

I think the Promenade is looking and smelling a lot better this year. What do you think?