A Call to all Frederick area Restaurants and Grocery Stores

I am a little upset, but that’s okay, because this has lead me to an action that seems to be steam roll-able.  I know, I know.  I have been very lame on this site but a new cause, near and dear to my heart has reminded me of the generosity and logical thinking of the FMO community.

Remember back in 2008 when I put out an appeal to locals that a nice way to dispose of your family Christmas tree would be to donate it to the family goats I used to have?  That one simple request lead to many years of my ex-husband and me answering many requests for us to pick up your old trees.  It was a win-win.  The goats got to eat the trees, you didn’t have to figure out how to get rid of them and they stayed out of the landfills.

I have a friend who is running a farm in Bedford County, PA,  just north of the Maryland line off of Rte 68.  He is trying (and succeeding)  to raise humanely raised, woodland-foraging pigs.  But it isn’t cheap and, especially over winter the feed costs are pretty high.  Currently the farm has three nursing mothers and three pregnant sows who all need additional calories for successful pregnancies and healthy babies.  And many more of all sizes in between.

For a while now, the farm has tried unsuccessfully to get any one to listen to how much it makes sense to donate the old, unfit for human consumption produce and breads/grains to small farmers to give them a chance to fulfill their mission of humanely and responsibly raised animals and to help off-set the fluctuating prices of animal feed.  (Truthfully, they have been hung up on, been sworn at and had doors slammed in their faces.)  Especially during  the times of the year when the farm is unable to give their own leftovers to the animals, like winter when the fields are idle and early summer when all the produce is going to local farm markets.

So, I am on a mission.  So far, I have had two very generous donations from the lovely folks at Philly Rabe’s.  They are a new restaurant and have already done so much to help.  (And not just me.  They have already donated to many local causes and told me at our first discussion that human donations were their first priority.)  I have spoken to a couple other Frederick restaurants and am hoping that I can create a movement to keep food that is not good enough for human consumption but perfectly fine for animals, out of the local landfill.  By the way, my friend’s farm also has chickens and he composts almost everything so if a donation is unable to be fed to pigs, it will go to chickens.  Failing that (I can’t even imagine) it will still be composted for the gardens.

Here’s the catch.  There is no catch.  All you would have to do is fill a bucket or bag with your scraps (no meat please) and I will pick it up and deliver it.  Pretty simple really.  If you want, I will provide the bucket or bag.

If nothing else, the realization that so much usable food is being thrown away shocked me.  I want your help to make this right.

If you want to help, leave a comment here or email me at babethh@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook, Elizabeth Gillison.  Thank you so much in advance.


Speed & Red Light Cameras in Frederick

Remember way back in July when I posted about the speed cameras on East Street?

Well I tested them out recently and they work just fine. That’s forty smackers down the drain.

In the interest of saving you from a ticket, here is a listing of the speed and red light cameras in the City of Frederick. Each also has a link to the page where they are listed on the Police Department’s website.

Speed Cameras in Frederick 

  • Southbound in the 1700 block of Opossumtown Pike
  • Westbound in the 7400 block of Hayward Road
  • Eastbound in the 7300 block of Hayward Road
  • Westbound in the 1300 block of Butterfly Lane
  • Southbound in the 1600 block of North Market Street
  • Northbound in the 1400 block of North East Street
  • Southbound in the 1400 block of North East Street

Red Light Cameras in Frederick

  • East 3rd Street and N. East St.
  • East Patrick St. and Monocacy Blvd.
  • Motter Ave. and West 7th St.
  • Opossumtown Pike and Thomas Johnson Drive
  • Rosemont Ave. and Montevue lane
  • Rosemont Ave. and Schley Ave/US 15
  • Willowdale Dr. and Key Parkway

Comics, Photos Ops, and More

I was strolling around downtown tonight after noms at Wags (thanks to the party that shared their chocolate cake with us, btw) and ran across two new (to me anyway) stores.

First, was the basement shop called 6ft Under. A small joint chocked full of interesting comics, vinyl, art, and books. Worth a looksee for sure.

Next I popped in on Brainstorm Comics, who opened up their second location (the first is off Motter Ave) downtown recently. A very nice shop with loads o’ comics and games.

Lastly, and really not related to the above items is that anyone with a decent camera and steady hand (I’m looking at you all) may want to try and get a shot of the fair’s ferris wheel from the bridge on Carrol Creek. Looks really good at dusk. I did manage this ok shot from an alley off Patrick though:

spires from the alley

And while I’m rambling on I may as well mention that my hood is having a massive yard sale tomorrow from 8am to Noon.

So since I’m totally random tonight, why don’t we do a Friday Free For All in the comments. Whatever is on your mind have at it!

What Do You Miss About Frederick?

I was reminded reading the comment about Piano Bars about something I really miss about Frederick.  I was just bored at work, killing time on a Friday and that comment reminded me about Sig’s Hide Away, a Frederick legend.  We’ve only been living in town since 1989, but visited Sig’s on man occasions for a meal and to hear if anyone was singing at the piano.  But that’s not what i really miss.  I really miss Hana’s Korean restaurant next door.  That was a true hidden jewel of Frederick.  It was like stepping into the kitchen of the Korean Mother I never had (even though I don’t have a drop of Asian blood in my genes).  Clay pots of Kim Chee brewing on the front porch, the best Bul-kogi ever and “rickshaw bread” (fried mung bean and sausage) that was to die for.

Sig’s and Hanna’s were both torn down for the new parking garage behind the Courthouse.  What a shame.  I think I saw Miss Hanna at the Chef Lin Buffet on Jefferson at lunch a week ago and wanted so badly to ask her if she’s planning on opening another restaurant, but I chickened out.

What about you:  What do you miss about Frederick of five, ten or twenty years ago?

355 Open

Did anyone else drive on Rte. 355 by Costco yesterday?  It appears that all lanes are open over the I-70 bridge now.  I don’t think it’s completely done though, since the road surface is still pretty rough.  I guess they will have to close it again for resurfacing some day.

Wings restaurant opens in Urbana

Buffalo Wild Wings (there is sound on that link) has opened a franchise in Urbana.  The location is the new plaza that was built on the  by-pass, between the Cracked Claw and the high school.  As far as I know, it’s the first place to open in that plaza, which will include, I believe, a drug store, a dry cleaner, a Chinese restaurant and a Ledo’s pizza.  From the FNP business section:

Gary Weber, a former journalist, said he “fell in love” with the restaurant business.He was a sports writer for the Martinsburg (W.Va.) Journal, but worked at a restaurant there and found he preferred food to reporting.

With the opening of Buffalo Wild Wings at the Urbana Village Shopping Center, he now has six franchise locations.

“I have to open 15 under the agreement with Buffalo Wild Wings,” he said. Besides the Urbana site, he has eateries in Hagerstown, Westminster, White Marsh, College Park and Bowie. He is working to get one open in Rockville by the end of the year.

The 6,200-square-foot Urbana site seats 349 patrons, including outside dining. Weber has 130 employees.

The restaurant not only serves wings, but wraps, burgers, salads and sandwiches.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday. Guests can dine in or carry out orders.

For information, call 240-699-0311.

If you haven’t been to Urbana recently, you’ll be shocked at how much it has changed in the last year.  Well, last several years actually.