Downtown Frederick April 29th

Does anyone know what the heavy police presence downtown yesterday was about? It was a little worrisome.

Submitted by Missy.


There’s a big piece of land on the corner of Guilford and New Design, on the same side as the Best Buy complex, that has an “Under Contract” sign on it.  Any way to find out what might be going in there?  It’s right across the street from a big office building that has a lot of medical offices in it. 

East Church Street Closed

I saw today that East Church Street is going to be closed for (I think) a couple of months. Can’t find anything about it. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Thanks for the answer eccoyle, from the City of Federick:

Traffic Advisory – Extended Road Closure – Revision of Date

June 16, 2014 Contact: Donnie Lawson

City Traffic Engineering Tech – 301.600.3885

Traffic Advisory – Extended Road Closure – Revision of Date

Road Closure – East Church Street

East Church Street will be closed between County Lane and Monocacy Blvd. beginning Monday, June 23rd and continuing through Thursday, September 4th to accommodate the construction of the new East Church Street.

Did Griff's Landing Close?

Yes, but only temporarily. Here is more about it from their Facebook page:

Griffs did close temporarily…we needed a second emergency exit to open in the front side. Unfortunately, we had to wait to go thru the historical committee application process.. The hearing for that is June 13th and then we will need to pull permits for door and build. We hope to back up by the end of June. Thank you for your patience.