Frederick in Miniature

Darian Robbins runs Frederick, Maryland in 3D, a blog that chronicles his goal of creating a full 3D model of Frederick in Google Earth. He’s built models of the new Monocacy Battlefield Visitors Center and even a mock-up of Clemson Corner shopping center currently under construction. Very cool stuff!


Top Chef Finale

I noticed yesterday that there’s a big tent going up next to Volt for a party during tonight’s Top Chef Finale.   I hear that there is a “VIP Reception” starting at 7:30 PM (invite only and sadly our invite must still be in the mail) and the tent is open to the public at 8:30 PM.  I heard on twitter that they are selling tickets, but have not heard where to buy them and how much they might cost.

Just for fun, I wanted to find out how bias our own town is towards the home town boys.  So, here’s a quick Poll and you must vote before 9:45 PM

Who Will Win Top Chef Tonight?


Top Chef premiers tomorrow

When I wrote the post about Bryan Voltaggio of VOLT appearing on Top Chef this new season, I quoted from the Baltimore Sun that the show was to start on August 26th.  Apparently, that information is wrong because Bravo moved the start date up a week.  The show actually starts tomorrow night,  Wednesday, August 19th at 9:00 PM.  I don’t know what channel that is on cable (can someone leave a comment with the channel?), but it’s channel 273 on DirectTV.

Check out a teaser video with the Voltaggio Brothers!

Local blog featured in Frederick Gazette.

I always love it when a local blog gets some press:

“My family has been in the area for generations. My family was at once farmers and some family still are farmers,” Moore said.

That’s why Moore was so eager to get involved when her friend Yeon Kim approached her last year about starting a blog about local food in Frederick County.

Since then, the two have been operating the blog “Grown in Frederick” ( Along with other contributors, the team posts content ranging from home gardening tips to information on local farmers markets to recipes involving in-season foods.

Read the whole article and check out Grown in Frederick.

Local chef to compete on Top Chef TV show

Bryan Voltaggio, chef and co-owner of Frederick’s own VOLT Restaurant, is going to be a contestant on season six of Bravo’s Top Chef TV show.  From the Baltimore Sun:

The chefs competing in Season Six, which starts August 26, have just been announced…

…a Maryland restaurant has a second contestant, Bryan Voltaggio of Volt in Frederick. His brother Michael, originally from Frederick and last chef de cuisine at Jose Andres’s Bazaar in Los Angeles, is the third Marylander on the show.

Check out Bryan’s Bio and size up his competition on Bravo’s Top Chef website.

Wedding Website Winner Announced.

The winner of the free wedding website contest courtesy of Aynex Designs was James. Here is his most excellent winning submission:

Before his first day of work at the downtown library, she had already been in the system for a year, helping all manner of wobbly colt-legged children, sleepy transient men and older ladies who came clutching clipped and wrinkled book reviews from the Sunday Post.

Many couples first meet at work and this was how it was for them.

They were both very shy and both very funny.

Books on bashfulness and humor are in the 155s and near 814, respectively.

It was natural that they should meet and talk and discover that they liked the same sorts of things–weekly movies and regular trips to Lucky Corner where kind and attentive waiters learned that she preferred curried tofu and the gentleman always ordered the pho.

Vietnamese cooking can be found at 641.595

At first, he was scared.

He kept waiting for the day that she might tire of him…or grow bored…or not laugh at his jokes, but a year passed, then another and it was still the two of them.

He realized that it always would be–just like it was now, just like they wanted it to be.

There are books on fate and books on chance; sections for comfort and trust and understanding. Happiness, though, is in the 158s.

In the Spring, he asked and she said yes.

Congratulations to James! Who has been gracious enough to also share the website Aynex will create for him. Stay tuned.