East Street Extension Opens

It’s finally open and I took it home tonight.

The $107 million project has been in development since 2005 and will open in phases, according to the State Highway Administration.

SHA cleared the following today:

• the Md. 85 exit through the new interchange;

• East Street, from I-70 to South Street;

• a new ramp from eastbound I-70 to the northbound Md. 85 exit and East Street;

• a new ramp from southbound East Street and the Md. 85 exit to eastbound I-70.

After the holidays, sections of Monocacy Boulevard will be opened and ramps will be swapped. By spring 2010, the entire project should be complete and open to the public, said John Huchrowski, an SHA assistant district engineer.

Also here is some video of the ribbon cutting with Governor O’Malley.


A Subway downtown.

Maybe this is old news (I didn’t know it), but FMO reader Stephanie says there will soon be a Subway in Downtown Frederick:

Hi. I have two tips for you. One, the old Maxwell Place leasing office (On North Market right before you get to Carroll Creek, by the fire station/All Saints street) is going to be a Subway. I’ve been walking by there every day and seeing them renovating it, and last night they had the huge (ugly) Subway signs up. Interesting.

I checked subway.com and sure enough, this was listed in their locations …

Opening Soon!
69 South Market Street
First Floor
Frederick MD 21701

Stephanie also mentioned that La Docle Vita is “closed for renovations” until November 23. Thanks for the news Stephanie!

Plans for the old police barrack.

According to the FNP, the long abandoned police barracks on the Golden Mile will “soon” be home to a new shopping center:

“We call it the ‘Golden Mile Gateway.’ That’s something we’ve been hoping would happen,” said planning commission member Gary Brooks at Monday’s meeting.

The project will include a 16,861-square-foot shopping center and a 3,194-square-foot, free-standing bank structure.

I’ve harbored a pipe dream of buying the old barracks and turning it into a pizza place. I would’ve called it Jail House Pizza, since there was a little jail cell in the basement (at least there was a long time ago when I went on a school field trip there).

355 Open

Did anyone else drive on Rte. 355 by Costco yesterday?  It appears that all lanes are open over the I-70 bridge now.  I don’t think it’s completely done though, since the road surface is still pretty rough.  I guess they will have to close it again for resurfacing some day.

River Run Center

It appears that after sitting dormant for over a year, the River Run Center on Monocacy Boulevard is back under construction.  So far, lessees include a Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts and a fitness center.

I haven’t been by there in a long time.  Does anyone know when this is scheduled to be completed?

Thanks to Pojama for the tip!

Westview Village is Heating Up

I was in the bank yesterday and someone there was talking about the new Cheesecake Factory and Dave & Busters they said were going up at the new Westview Village Shopping center.  He said it was no rumor and he was talking to some of the people on site doing the construction.

So after a yummy sushi lunch at Matsutake, I drove through Westview Village, being developed by Saul Centers.

I only saw one car in front of the Mattress store and two guys in suits inside, but WOW Cafe & Wingery seemed to have a good crowd and the Firehouse Subs looked crowded, too.  Mimi’s Cafe is still under construction, but looked like they are starting to set out some patio furniture.

What I was really looking for, though, was some sign to confirm the rumors of the Cheesecake Factory and Dave & Busters.

Does anyone have a way to substantiate the rumors?  Know any other business moving into Westview Village?  Any opinions of the places there already?

Wings restaurant opens in Urbana

Buffalo Wild Wings (there is sound on that link) has opened a franchise in Urbana.  The location is the new plaza that was built on the  by-pass, between the Cracked Claw and the high school.  As far as I know, it’s the first place to open in that plaza, which will include, I believe, a drug store, a dry cleaner, a Chinese restaurant and a Ledo’s pizza.  From the FNP business section:

Gary Weber, a former journalist, said he “fell in love” with the restaurant business.He was a sports writer for the Martinsburg (W.Va.) Journal, but worked at a restaurant there and found he preferred food to reporting.

With the opening of Buffalo Wild Wings at the Urbana Village Shopping Center, he now has six franchise locations.

“I have to open 15 under the agreement with Buffalo Wild Wings,” he said. Besides the Urbana site, he has eateries in Hagerstown, Westminster, White Marsh, College Park and Bowie. He is working to get one open in Rockville by the end of the year.

The 6,200-square-foot Urbana site seats 349 patrons, including outside dining. Weber has 130 employees.

The restaurant not only serves wings, but wraps, burgers, salads and sandwiches.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday. Guests can dine in or carry out orders.

For information, call 240-699-0311.

If you haven’t been to Urbana recently, you’ll be shocked at how much it has changed in the last year.  Well, last several years actually.