A Year on Market

A Year on Market is a very nice Frederick photography blog I just added to the blogroll. Take a gander! If you have a blog about Frederick  or are just a blogger in Frederick let me know (post a comment below or shoot me an email) so I can add your site to the blogroll. And now for a gratuitous plug: check out my other blog about everything but Frederick: @random.


If you love tomatoes…

…make a reservation to Carrollton Manor Farm and join VOLT in a celebration of heirloom tomatoes.

Save the Date and Join VOLT on the Beautiful Carrollton Manor Farm

Sunday August  22nd, 2pm – 6pm

6601 Manor Woods Road, Buckeystown, MD

Tickets cost $50 per person, children 7 and under are free

Delight in a tasting of over 40 varieties of organic heirloom tomatoes, view chef demonstrations, partake in wines, cheeses and olive oil tastings

BAR-T, the premier all-green children’s ranch in Urbana, MD is the official sponsor of the Children’s Corner and they will keep your children occupied on the farm

For more information, please go to the VOLT blog at http://www.blog.voltrestaurant.com

To purchase tickets, please go to http://www.bigwhitebarn.com

Here is the link to the post on the VOLT blog for more information.

Top Chef premiers tomorrow

When I wrote the post about Bryan Voltaggio of VOLT appearing on Top Chef this new season, I quoted from the Baltimore Sun that the show was to start on August 26th.  Apparently, that information is wrong because Bravo moved the start date up a week.  The show actually starts tomorrow night,  Wednesday, August 19th at 9:00 PM.  I don’t know what channel that is on cable (can someone leave a comment with the channel?), but it’s channel 273 on DirectTV.

Check out a teaser video with the Voltaggio Brothers!

Taco Michoacan

The Dining Diva has updated her blog recently with a post about a Mexican restaurant that I hadn’t heard about yet.  I’m not sure if it’s new or it’s just that I never get down to the end of the Golden Mile.  The restaurant is called Taco Michoacan and The Dining Diva seems to enjoy it.

What I loved – the charming woman who single-handedly cranks out all the food for the diners. All kinds of meat tacos served in double-stacked warm, soft corn tortillas. I particularly like the tacos al pastor (even though it’s not real pastor like in Mexico, cooked on a spit and served with pineapple). Nonetheless, the flavors are good. Also quite tasty are their tortas (which are sandwiches) and the decadent Pollo con crema. All dishes served with fresh lime wedges, salsa, and all the cilantro you care to request. …. What I didn’t like – it gets pretty hot in the eating area. They have a portable AC machine – but it definitely struggles to keep up. Oh well – makes me feel like I’m actually in Mexico.

It’s located at 1450 W. Patrick St. in the plaza with the ’50’s style Burger King.  Has anyone else been?  I’d love to hear some more opinions on this place.

Carnival schedule 2009

Bob over at Focus on Frederick has a partial list of upcoming summer carnivals.  I’ll add more when I get the complete list.

* Union Bridge – May 25-31
* Woodsboro – June 1-6
* Carroll Manor – June 12-20
* Smithsburg – June 22-27
* Walkersville – June 29-July 4
* Guardian Hose – July 6-11
* Middletown – July 6-11
* Urbana – July 13-18
* Mount Airy – July 20-25
* Libertytown – Aug. 3- 8
* Rocky Ridge – Aug. 10-15

Horn Tooting

There is a nice article in today’s FNP Business section written by Ike Wilson about what it would mean for local biotech businesses if President-Elect Obama rescinds the restrictions on stem cell research.

Most current research and therapeutic applications use adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells, (Jim) Hardy said.

“Although the Bush legislation only affects embryonic stem cell research, it is having an impact on all stem cell research,” he said.

Hardy said Frederick County has some of the largest suppliers of stem cells in the world, including Lonza International Stem Cells, Invitrogen and NCI-Frederick.

“So this suppression of stem cell research hit really hard right here at home,” Hardy said.

For full disclosure purposes, Jim is the Frog half of Lizfrog.  His biotech-blog can be found over in the blogroll on the right.  I’m not sure how many here are interested in local biotech but I thought it was a good article that some here might find interesting.  Hey, I can be a proud wife, right?


More Public Art:Mosaic Tiles

A couple weeks ago, Jim and I went to the Green Turtle downtown to watch the Redskins/Cowboys game.   I mention this because that day, I didn’t notice all the beautiful mosaic tiles set into the walkway between Court Street and Market Street.  Then on Sunday, I went for a walk downtown with RandomAnna and was pleasantly surprised by all the tiles, which are very beautiful.  The City of Frederick has the explanation for the art project on it’s website.

The City of Frederick is pleased to announce that another public art project has been completed and is available for the public to enjoy. Twenty-four beautiful tile mosaics in varying sizes have been installed along a path of blue stone and brick in Carroll Creek Park between Court Street and Market Street. Artist Deirdre Saunder, of Bethesda, Maryland, modeled the designs after water, given the location next to Carroll Creek. Having done a large portion of her other public art projects in mosaics, Ms. Saunder felt the medium lent itself well to the Frederick project, “…Mosaics afford the artist the ability to use color, the freedom to design intricately or boldly and most important, are virtually maintenance free, graffiti proof, frost-free and durable.”