Open Thread Summer/Fall 2017 Edition

Summer is still here, but Fall and back to school are around the corner. What are your favorite things to do in Frederick this time of year? Any news to share? Things to promote?


16 thoughts on “Open Thread Summer/Fall 2017 Edition

  1. I’m all about the weather changing. Can’t wait.

    Curious what may be happening to the Fredericktowne Mall since it was purchased and Jefferson Place, but retail, schmetail…


  2. DId anyone in Mt Airy or surrounding area hear the incredibly loud what I assume were fighter jets overhead sometime around 7:15pm or so last night, October 14? For several hours prior, I heard fighter jets going overhead frequently and loudly, but this was excessively loud – so loud that in all the years we have heard them pass overhead, the normal volume paled in comparison. I have been trying to figure out what it was all about as there would have been no one at Camp David, no NORAD exercises were publicized, and there was no news about any intercepted aircraft. Anyone else hear it or know what might have been going on?


    • Is Chap’s Beef going into the new section of Westview South by the Dunkin Donuts or the older section of Westview South where the Peruvian Chicken place is?


      • I ate there once. Greasiest dish I’ve ever seen. I complained to the company and got coupons for more food, as an apology. Went back to use up the coupons but after that–never again.


  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! I hope to see this site active again soon! No comments posted since October 2017. Summer/Fall 2017 was last active Edition with no Winter 2018 Edition ever started.


  4. Well, to add new Frederick news, there is a sign in front of the former Acacia/Reina space on Market Street that they are hiring for “Bella Trattoria”. So I guess Fountainrock is giving Italian a go.


  5. There is a sign for Famous Chap’s Pit Beef from Baltimore in the new Westview South location a couple of stores down from Dunkin Doughnuts.


  6. does anyone know what is being built next to the warehouses on new design? Looks like a medical office kind of complex but cant find a sign or website.


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