Open Thread Winter 2016/17 Edition

Since this is the winter open thread how about sharing your favorite wintery things to do in the Frederick area?


35 thoughts on “Open Thread Winter 2016/17 Edition

  1. I was sorry to learn this afternoon that the Girls on the Go bookstore on the Golden Mile, which raises money for local troops to travel, will be closing on December 31, 2016. The Girl Scout Council has decided that the store makes too much money and its nonprofit status could be in jeopardy. Girl Scouts are problem solvers; can’t the Council come up with a solution? The store could open fewer days a week, for example. It’s a wonderful resource for books and a great fundraiser and I hate to see it leave.


  2. I visited Windy City Red Hots yesterday and I had the cheesy beef sandwich, which was dipped in aljois. The sandwich was excellent and I look forward visiting again soon to try other items on the menu. This is an excellent addition to Carroll Creek.


  3. Just got notice today that Hard Times is closing. Sad to see it go. There is something opening in the same parking lot between it and the new Wawa, but don’t know what it is yet. Maybe a new restaurant ? Anyone?


    • Is going into the shopping centers off of RT 26? It seems like a lot of new trendy restaurants are going into this area. This does look like a very nice place though.


  4. Favorite wintery thing? Going hiking after we’ve had some snow. Gambrill and Cunningham Falls are so beautiful covered in white. Also love sitting at a window in a restaurant downtown eating something warm and filling while it’s frigid outside.


  5. Thanks for correcting this Episcopalian. I guess I lived in the South too long. Glad to have moved back to Maryland two and a half years ago!


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