Open Thread Summer 2016 Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as itโ€™s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


34 thoughts on “Open Thread Summer 2016 Edition

  1. Thanks Guy! I’m still looking for a recommendation for a reasonably priced caterer for my daughter’s bat mitzvah. Fairly casual.


  2. It looks like Windy City Red Hots is opening a location on Carroll Creek. There is one in Leesburg that I have heard is good and this may be the same people.


      • Yes it is, Bill. Also, I checked the Facebook page for the Leesburg Windy City and there is a mention that they hope to have the Frederick location open at the end of this month or beginning of next.


    • Windy City Red Hots is awesome!! We’ve been to their Leesburg and Ashburn locations many times!! The Red Hots are the real deal with authentic Chicago ingredients as the owners are from Chicago.


    • Thanks Diane, Do you have a site where you see this? couldnt find anything on the internet. Interesting that Matan and the shops would set up a head to head like that.


      • Sean, someone on my Facebook posted a picture of the sign advertising the public hearing for the site. Also, if you go to and find the lease plan for Westview Village, Krispy Kreme is listed as a tenant.


    • So should everyone call that stretch of Market Street the Chocolate Triangle, with Perfect Truffle and Zoe’s on the left and Candy Kitchen on the right?


    • Directly across the street from the Sheetz on Rosemont Avenue there is a family that grows and sells produce daily. I’ve never checked them out but let us know if you do!


  3. Haven’t been here in a long time what with cancer and all. :). Went in the mall today for the first time in months and was astounded to see nearly one whole side of being taken up by a new H&M Store. And I saw an ad on FB about a new game get place coming to town, have to try to find it again for the name. I need to get out more!


  4. I used this space to announce a new hiking group I was starting, just for women, back in 2010, and because of that the group got much needed publicity and was a huge success, with membership near 300 at one point.

    Now I want to announce the formation of another outdoors group for women..,,but this time it will be for women recovering from cancer, like myself. I was diagnosed Stage IV ovarian cancer in January 2015. Doesn’t get worse than that. Just 4 months before I had walked all 100 miles of Scotland’s West Highland Way and felt absolutely fine. I had surgery followed by a year of chemo every week. Through it all my doctors told me that it was strength and tenacity from hiking that would pull me through. And it did. I’m back on the trails and training to walk the 480 mile Camino de Santiago starting Sept 7th, with my husband.

    I want to get other women who are recovering from cancer outdoors again. It’ll be easy, relatively short hikes and whatever other outdoor things they’d like to try – kayaking, camping, backpacking. I’m not one to go to support groups and sit in a circle talking out my feelings. That works well for many but not for me. I don’t believe I’m alone in that. We can talk and support one another outside while building up our strength and self confidence, filling our lungs with fresh air, enjoying the thriving life of the woods around us. Of course every lady should make sure she has her doctors approval first. I believe that God has spared my life so that I will use my life to be an example to others and to help in any way that I can.

    Because of our Camino trip, I can’t really get this group fully organized until mid-October. But I do walk my neighborhood (3 miles) and do weekday day hikes as often as I can and anyone is welcome to join me. I never hike alone and always have other hiking ladies with me. I’m 60 yrs old and have been hiking for 15 years. I was the Head Dame of the Trail Dames of Maryland, and then the leader of Maryland Women Outdoors.

    If interested (again, ladies only – no children under 14 and no pets) feel free to email me at: or PM me on Facebook at Linda Long Turner. You’ll know my page by my profile picture – taken at the end of my most recent 8 mile hike on the AT. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I would have to say that I’m in remission myself, so both. As long as they are able to take walks outdoors of at least 1-2 miles, and easy trail hikes of no more than 4 miles. I’m up to 8 miles myself, and do 3 miles in the nieghborhood. But I’m slow and steady and take frequent rest stops. I’ve put it off right now as I’m having surgery again in mid-October and have to wait to see what they’ll find. I don’t want to get anything organized and get anyone’s hopes up until I’m through that.


      • I want to add that we had to call off our aforementioned trip to Spain because of my upcoming surgery. So I am home during the week if anyone would like to get in touch and go for a walk. ๐Ÿ˜Š I live in Whittier.



    • I’ve tried it a few times. Good vibe, good food, and good selection of beers. The service has been pretty slow the three times I’ve been there, and they weren’t busy went I went. Seems to be some turnover with the service staff, haven’t see the same faces each time I’ve gone. Again, all-in-all, good spot and definitely has a unique feel and ambiance. Haven’t caught any live music there yet either, but plan to do so in the near future.


  5. I see there is notice of code violations from the planning and zoning department where Windy City Red Hots is coming to Carroll Creek. I hope it does not delay Windy City Red Hots from opening. I have heard very good things about Windy City Red Hots and I hope they can open soon.


  6. Is it possible to send in a job posting here for a part-time accounting support position available in Frederick County? I would appreciate any help in filling this job. I am a principal with the Company…not an agency…so there are no fees of any kind.


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