Open Thread October 2015 Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


21 thoughts on “Open Thread October 2015 Edition

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Our neighbor recommended Magic Mountain and they were good with their estimate when I compared around and spoke with friends. They’re coming to do the work on Friday, so I can give you an update afterwards. We have all kinds of issues we discovered due to last week’s rain.


  1. Good experience. Didn’t realize that Magic Mountain was also owned by High’s Chimney Service, so was concerned when their truck pulled into my driveway. There was a little bit of a language barrier, but the two workers were polite and open to what they were doing to me, because I like to learn. 🙂 A lot of work done in under four hours. Pleased thus far. Not sure if we’ll use out fireplace this season as we want to install an insert, but feel better about the state it is in.

    I would recommend.


  2. I hope you had a thorough inspection of your chimney in addition to just repairing the mortar.

    In my previous home the chimney looked OK from the outside. I thought that it should just be cleaned. But a professional inspection revealed that the chimney and fireplace are unusable, even with an insert and other improvements. I was sorry not to be able to use the fireplace but thankful that the house didn’t burn down.


    • Hi Jay and thanks for the concern. Yes, when they initially came out I was shown, via camera, all the issues within my chimney. Granted I don’t know all the technical terms, they remedied those prior to installing the new flue. I’ve never had a fireplace, but in a year or so, we hope to install a wood stove insert.


  3. China Seas restaurant, in the Crestwood shopping center (Crestwood Blvd and New Design Rd.) is open.

    Had lunch there the other day. The owners are very friendly. Standard Chinese-American fare served in Styrofoam containers. They actually did not have Chinese tea when we visited but promised that this will be a priority–especially as cold weather is coming.


  4. That Cuban Place on 506 East Church Street is permanently closed. Since Alferedo Maggi tragically passed away in early February, I guess continuing on without her business partner was to much. Alferedo was a very nice person with an infectious personality. That Cuban Place will be missed.


    • Yes, I ate there a few times. I enjoyed the food, and the owner. It so happened that I was wearing a Cuban-style shirt each time I went, which endeared me to Alfredo.


  5. As of about a week ago…Elevation Burger in Worman’s Mill Shopping Center is permanently closed. Corporate gave us no reason, just simply that it would not reopen.


    • That’s sad. I noticed tables had chairs on them over the weekend and the same way tonight. Elevation Burger was one of our preferred chains to visit. Hopefully someone else can take it over…


  6. That’s sad. I noticed tables had chairs on them over the weekend and the same way tonight. Elevation Burger was one of our preferred chains to visit. Hopefully someone else can take it over…


  7. Anyone know what the planning and zoning hearing sign is for on Butterfly Lane, near the intersection of McCain? I thought that was the location for the new elementary school, but it seems way too early for that to be showing up.


  8. Just saw they are demolishing the old Mimis at Westview. I had heard that was where Ruth’s Chris was going, but just found an article from last month saying a Silver Diner was going in. Anyone know anything?


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