Open Thread July 2015 Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Open Thread July 2015 Edition

  1. This is from the FNP:

    Retailers have also been wooed, and so far five sit-down restaurants have committed to leasing space, Kline said, as well as a grocery store. No fast-food places have signed on. Kline did not name the corporations, but said an announcement on specifics would come in summertime.

    The interchange connecting the development to U.S. 15/340 has been completed and is awaiting final inspection by the State Highway Administration.

    Developers hit a rough patch after attempts to secure a liquor license earlier this year revealed that the planned 200-room hotel is in a dry district of the county southwest of Frederick.

    The Frederick County legislative contingent acted promptly in the form of legislation that offered an exemption for alcohol sales at the Tech Park. The bill passed, though the Frederick County liquor board would still need to issue the special licenses.

    Kline said previously the entire project would be at risk without a liquor license.

    Construction of the hotel should begin in roughly nine months.

    No deets though


  2. Today (July 10) my wife and I visited Smashburger near FSK Mall. The store was closed and employees were handing out $5 gift cards. What’s up with that?


  3. Thinking of leaving Verizon Wireless. Two options we’re considering are AT&T and T-Mobile. Anybody have any recommendations? Price is driving us leaving Verizon, but concerned about T-Mobile’s coverage/signal strength in Frederick…


  4. We attended our first Levitt AMP concert on Carroll Creek this evening and it wa wonderful, Danny Weinkauf and the Red Pants Band. He plays with They Might Be Giants, but has done a ton of children’s music, among other things. What was disturbing is that there was hardly anyone there, kinda embarrassing. Granted, it was hot, but it really wasn’t bad. Frederick fought hard to get these free concerts from Levitt…I’m curious, have the other shows been sparsely attended as well? Such a wonderful thing, free, live music L


  5. Was hungry for a good burger last night, so we drove to The Lodge restaurant in Westview Mall. Arrived at 6 pm. The doors were locked and the lights were being turned out.

    What’s happening with The Lodge?


  6. Any idea as to when the H-Mart is opening in the former GMart space on Route40? I thought it was supposed to be in June but I haven’t seen any activity over that way.


  7. Anyone know what is going on with Taste of Asia in by Wegman’s? First they became BYOB and now It’s been closed a few weeks with no real explanation.


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