Open Thread April 2015 Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


27 thoughts on “Open Thread April 2015 Edition

  1. Hi, Frederick neighbors! The Beneficial-Hodson Library at Hood College is holding its annual used book sale on Thursday, April 23rd to mark the 451st birthday of William Shakespeare. The price for hardcover books is $1, and paperbacks are only 50 cents! The sale will take place from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (no early birds, please!), and birthday cake will be available for as long as it lasts. A wide range of subjects will be represented, including fiction and and foreign language books. Please join us!
    See our Facebook page for more details/updates:


  2. I can’t figure out how to leave a new message here, so here goes–

    What are the best places in Frederick for dining outside? Please, I don’t want to be looking over a sea of parked cars.


    • Café Anglais has a lovely garden area in the back, but they close at 5:00 pm. Also, places along the Creek (Doner Bistro, Wine Kitchen and Hinode) have outdoor seating.)


    • Cafe Nola for people watching. Brewers Alley has a big patio out front. Sumittra has two tables out front. Really a lot of downtown restaurants and coffee shops have at least one or two tables outside on the sidewalk.


    • Jim, I noticed a sign up for an apartment on South Market right across the street from Il Porto restaurant. I think it is managed by Sunshine Management in Frederick. I used to know someone who lived there and they were pretty nice units with off street parking.


  3. Quite a variety of outdoor seating. Hard not to enjoy at least one of those. The granddaddy of outdoor dining has to be Mays seafood though. If you like crabs, seafood, and outdoors, this place is the bomb! If you can find parking that is. The back patio is huge, and feels like you are near the water. You’ll have no clue that your in Frederick. Enjoy!


    • John, we loved, loved LOVED Leisha Harrelson in Robin Meadows. (She calls her place Gingerbread Lane). Very reasonable rates and she has pretty much turned her home into kid paradise (she had an elaborate out door mud pie kitchen and she periodically switches things around to keep the kids engaged. She is truly dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating environment for the children. My six year old doesn’t go there now (since she is in school) but she still loves to visit. I cannot recommend her enough.


  4. Full list. Dinner menu, table service, beer/wine. Highest quality to lowest.

    1) Dutches Daughter
    2) Wine Kitchen
    3) Brewer’s Alley
    4) Mays Seafood
    5) Ayse Meze
    6) Black Hog
    7) Il Forno
    8) Hinode
    9) Nido
    10) LaPaz
    11) Family Meal
    12) Isabella’s
    13) Cacique
    14) Reina
    15) JoJo’s
    16) Cafe Nola
    17) Lucky Corner
    18) McGoo’s
    19) Sumittra
    20) Frisco’s
    21) Mediterranean Grill
    22) Pistarro’s
    23) Doner Bistro
    24) Barley n Hops
    25) Mexicali Cantina
    26) Avery’s
    27) Fajita Grande
    28) Bonefish
    29) Coal Fire
    30) Champions
    31) Buffalo Wild Wings
    32) Church Street Pub
    33) Glory Days
    34) Bentz Raw Bar


  5. Monocay Crossing has a patio. Also not Frederick County but right over the river at Point of Rocks is Patowmack Farms with nice outdoor seating.


  6. I noticed yesterday that a new restaurant called Old Dominion Grill & Sushi moved into where El Paso on Rt 85 used to be. Seems a strange name to be an asian restaurant. Has anyone ever heard of it?


    • Bobbie, this was on Reddit:

      “We offer a combination of American and Asian food. The “grill” in the name represents the American food, like burgers, that we offer, and the “sushi” represents the actual sushi and other Asian foods that we feature. I know it is not a typical combination, but we have other locations that have proved popular and people really enjoy the variety of food that we offer.
      We are still making final adjustments to the menu so we are not ready to post it online, but feel free to ask any questions about it at the open house.
      The opening date is also not set in stone, so again, I do not want to post it online and mislead other readers, but it will be a couple weeks after the open house.”

      The poster offered to post the grand opening date and menu on Reddit Frederick when it is firm.
      The open house referred to is the job/interview fair Sunday, April 26 from 12-5 pm.


  7. I’ve been driving out Monocacy Blvd from 26 to 15 lately and there is construction going on in the cornfield. Also a line of utility poles have been set up across both fields. Anyone know what is being built?


  8. I believe they are prepping for the new Monocacy Blvd. interchange. I think the same contractor that did Motter Ave bridge are doing this one also.


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