Frederick is "IN" for 2015

Frederick, Md. makes the IN side of the Washington Post’s IN/OUT for 2015 List.


3 thoughts on “Frederick is "IN" for 2015

  1. We’ll be selling our house in a couple of years (can’t do it right now for work reasons) and moving out into the county to get out from under city taxes. We pay double the property taxes for living in the city limits. Our son is moving back home because he can no longer pay the ever rising rent – $1100/mo for a 1 bedroom apartment – even though he has a decent full time job. In the neighborhood is a new condo complex – all rentals – and a 2 bdrm one runs $1500/mo…$175/mo more if you’d like a garage.


  2. I love living downtown. I pay for it but it’s nice not driving on the weekends. I barely drive during the week. I walk Baker Park daily and love being able to walk to the restaurants and not have to worry about driving if I want to have a few drinks. I think the best part is not being able walk more than a block without running into someone else you know. Although I agree taxes are high, I can’t see me ever living anywhere else.


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