A First Look at Lazy Fish

Here is a review of Lazy Fish by LiLi:

The food was all soooo delicious. It was not just pleasing to the eyes presentation wise, but it was oh so orgasmic. It was worth the price, and the service was wonderful. We can’t wait to go back. I give Lazy Fish five perfect stars!

Thanks for sharing the review and photos, LiLi. Here is their Facebook page if you wan’t more information.


4 thoughts on “A First Look at Lazy Fish

  1. Thanks Lili! I haven’t been yet because I am a real sushi snob, coming from California and Boston where the sushi is always so fresh. Do you think Lazy Fish would pass my extra high standards?


  2. I’m going tonight. I think I’m a sushi snob too, but I’ve never been to California so I can only give you a qualified opinion. I will post this weekend.


  3. I went there 2 Saturdays ago. The sushi was incredibly good. However… it was super packed and the service was INSANELY slow and our waiter seemed a bit out of it – he had to keep coming back and asking what we ordered. Took us probably 2+ hours to get through dinner. There isnt much seating – they’re slated to have more space once the loft is ready, though.


  4. We had an early dinner at Lazy Fish today. It was our first trip in so haven’t had a chance to test their consistency, but I will say our dinner was quite good. We’re not that into sushi so we had several of the other items on the menu: Tuna Tartare, Pork Belly, Asian Wings, Miso Soup, Chicken Teriyaki, and 2 pieces of fish: wasabi tuna. Everything tasted fresh, was well prepared, had very nice presentation, and tasted great.
    The tartare was sliced and deconstructed. The Pork Belly was a nice big piece resting on a slice of pineapple sitting on a bed of purple cabbage resting in a shallow bowl that was painted on with very flavorful sauces – mildly hot and sweet. The asian wings were lightly deep fried and stacked on a bed of crispy rice noodles. The miso and teriyaki were more traditional and my wife loved them both. The wasabi tuna was very good as well.
    We were tempted by dessert but did not succumb. Maybe next time.


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