Things to do in Frederick, October 2014

October is usually a very busy month in the Frederick area and here is a sample of things to do this month:

In addtion to the one off events, area farms have events all through October:

And as always if I missed something please share it in the comments! And check the Frederick Tourism site’s calendar and the FNP’s calendar for a much bigger list of things to do in Frederick.



3 thoughts on “Things to do in Frederick, October 2014

    • The Maryland Ren Faire is fabulous! I go at least twice a year, in garb. It’s the 2nd largest Ren Faire in the nation and often sells out by 1 pm or 2 pm. Best to buy your tickets on-line and get there before the gates open as the parking area is HUGE and you could find yourself acres away with a long walk to and from the gates if you get there much after 11 am. We get there at least a full hour before the gates open. Traffic will back up onto I-97 at the Crownsville exit on nice days if you arrive mid-day. Bring cash. There are ATMs but the lines are very long and they can run out of cash. Only one food vendor takes credit cards – all others, and all of the pubs, take cash only. I took someone along this year who’d never been. They thought it would be a bunch of tents in a field with some food and craft items. They had no idea of the whole “English village” set up inside the walls, how extensively the “cast” and many of the attendees are into it, and how much there is for kids to do. It is not a suitable area for someone who needs a wheelchair or walker, or who cannot negotiate hills. No sidewalks. It’s straw covered dirt with rocks and leaves and little chuck holes. Very little cover for shade except at the pubs and they fill up fast. Smokers have designated areas outside of the pubs. Benches are the only seating and there aren’t nearly enough, so if you can’t stay on your feet for a long time…..outhouses or “privies” are the only toilet facilities….for 1000’s of people.


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