Open Thread October 2014 Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


29 thoughts on “Open Thread October 2014 Edition

  1. It will take a bit to get this site back up and running, but I am glad it is in progress. In the meantime, who has been to That Hummus Place on South Market Street or Kitiwatt at the Westview Cornert?


    • I was really looking forward to that hummus place until I saw it’s owned by the guy that owns Athens. We ordered food from Athens once and it was horrible. I love hummus, but I will stick with the orchard.


    • We went to Kittiwat a couple weeks ago. The green curry was excellent, but be warned it was quite a bit spicier than most other green curry dishes I’ve had. I was bummed they didn’t have my favorite Panang curry on the menu.


      • Went recently, too. Very good, but a bit too expensive. Their “special two course meal” came to $26 per person.


  2. Went to the Frederick Farmer’s Market on Carroll Creek today. Enjoyed it, but I was surprised that only one vendor was selling apples, and I wasn’t sure if they were really local so I didn’t buy any.

    Prices were no bargain, but we bought some food anyway.


  3. Anyone have a good recomedation for a place to host a holiday party. We have approximately 200 employees and would love to find a new place this year.


    • Tell us more about this party, Tom, and maybe we can come up with suggestions.

      Sit down or buffet? One menu, or order? Liquor? Time of day? Where have you had these parties previously?


      • In the last we have done our holiday party at 300 Shady Grove but were not been satisfied witht he service last year. A buffet is fine. Would prefer someplace we could have a dj and dance floor.


      • You may be able to rent space from the Elks Lodge. They will provide a bartender for a fee and probably also cater. The charity I volunteer for had a fundraiser there and it was very nice.


    • I highly recommend The Delaplaine as a venue. They have a lovely space, though I am not sure how many it holds. As for a caterer, we have had a wonderful experience with Renaissance Chef Catering, who will provide catering at any venue. I believe Renaissance Chef also has a space, if you want to book it all together.


  4. Where do you all go for local news? I don’t care for the FNP and I can’t even attempt to read the comments due to how off the wall they are. I go to and WTOP. Does anyone go to other sites for local news?


  5. We’re out on the Spring Ridge side of town, and I have two questions that are making me crazy-curious.
    First, the propane gas place has had a giant bunsen burner-looking thing blowing flame for days on end. Does anyone know why/what’s going on? Makes me jump each time I come around the corner, thinking something is on fire!
    Second, the center of 144 is being dug up, all the way down the road. I’m curious why and what’s being put in the ground. I’m was hoping they were putting the electrical lines underground, but that hasn’t happened. Then I was hoping for FIOS, but I know that’s really wishful thinking.
    Thanks for filling me in!


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