Renewable Energy Corporation’s Solar Panel Installation Services

With the unveiling of the White House’s Climate Action plan earlier this month, you might be wondering if solar panels would work for your home — and who to call to find out. Who better to ask about going solar in the mid-Atlantic region than already enjoying the benefits of solar energy?

Renewable Energy Corporation has installed top-quality, American-made solar panels for hundreds of homeowners in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. Here is what some of their customers have to say:

Solar panels slash resident’s electric bill by more than half

A typical 5 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system can easily see an ROI of 20 percent in the first year. But it’s more impressive when you see the bills for yourself:

“You said the panels you were installing would cut my electric bill in half,” says Mark Murphy. “After one week with this hot weather of upper 90s, I’m actually using a little less than half the energy I was using previously. After turning the system on and checking it every day and seeing the house using less energy all I can say is wow.”

Solar installation helps with retirement

A solar system pays for itself over time, and generates free energy after that. Imagine that for your retirement years!

Diane B. reports:

“I decided to incorporate Solar Energy into my retirement plans, as it will provide me with reduced energy cost. Renewable Energy handled everything … Installation was fast and my system is working like a gem.”

Solar helps serviceman go green

Saving money is great, but it’s even better when it helps you save the planet, too.

“I am currently in the United States Coast Guard and was deployed to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill response,” says Chief Marine Science Technician Aaron Foster. “I saw firsthand what our dependency on oil has driven us to … It makes me feel good that I purchased technology that harnesses the natural power of the sun and reduces my usage of fossil fuels. This will not only lower my energy bill, but it will reduce my carbon footprint and make for a cleaner environment for my kids.

“I am glad that we could purchase this technology through a local, reputable company. Renewable Energy provides excellent service and stands by their products. We’re extremely happy with our purchase and we can now say we live in a Green House!”

Installing solar is easy with the help of Renewable Energy Corporation

Charlie Wittig says that even though the process of adding solar was at times complicated, Renewable Energy made it easy:

“I was guided smoothly through the process of transitioning to a renewable energy source,” he says. “The installers were top quality, efficient and quick. Most of all, I wish to thank Erin Kelly at Renewable Energy for tirelessly answering my numerous questions when I called. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind I now have with my ‘Solar Independence’”

With 135 years of manufacturing experience, Renewable Energy Corporation is a big reason Maryland’s solar use is on the rise. To find out how long it will take solar panels on your home to pay for themselves, call 410-449-5270 for a FREE personalized estimate, or visit

Ryan McNeill is the president of Renewable Energy Corporation, one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest residential solar energy companies – committed to installing quality, American-made solar panels and energy products for homeowners.


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