The New Frederick Maryland Online

Hi all, 

Welcome to the new Frederick Maryland Online. 

In addition to the new look of the site, FMO is running on a new service called Tumblr, which allows for short posts (e.g. links or photos). But more importantly Tumblr provides a way for anyone to submit a post

When I started FMO I intended for it to be a community blog and that has been the case as was evident in the open threads we have been using for the last year or so. But the great information gathered by you all was relegated to just the comments and probably not seen by anyone but the most die hard regulars. But that has now changed. I invite you all to help contribute to the site.

I will still moderate all comments and posts and make sure everyone plays nice and hopefully still write the ocasional post, but my hope is that you all take the reins and make FMO a true resource for our community. 

Submit a post!




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