Open Thread February 2014 Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


45 thoughts on “Open Thread February 2014 Edition

    • I have seen the Dutch Plant Farm on Baughman’s Lane advertise that they had some, but that was over a week ago. Still, someplace people might not think to check.

      You can also check auto-parts stores (Autozone, etc), Warehouse stores, Gas stations. I’m not sure which of these places you’ve already checked, and haven’t checked them myself apart from having noticed they had it at some point this winter.

      Good luck.


    • Gary at Doorman of Frederick is great! My garage door was a disaster, thought I would have to replace the whole thing…Gary came out and instead of charging me a fortune to put a new one in, he replaced a few parts and was very reasonably priced. It’s worked great ever since.


  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that Fox Haven Farm and Learning Center has rescheduled our presentation on American Chestnut Tree and the Blight for Feb 23, 1:30pm. This is a fascinating presentation on the history and science of the American chestnut tree. You can find out more information here:


  2. So i’m sure alot of people think about this from time to time. FiOS. My buddy is an installer for verizon fios. In a meeting he was just in, he asked when FiOS is coming to frederick county. Their answer, “its in the works, we want to see more people in montgomery county on it before we move up to frederick.” They want to have 59% of moco residents on it to move to frederick and they currently have 48%. They hired a bunch of marketers to boost that percent. So FiOS is on its way and they are working hard to get us all FiOS! Once I get more info ill post it here.


  3. Has the Jimmie Cone in Mt. Airy closed permanently? The Damascus location Facebook page indicates the opening date for that location, however, the Mt. Airy location Facebook page indicates a status of “may be permanently closed.” Sure hope that is not true! Has anyone heard anything>


    • Yay! more chains. soon frederick will look like fredericksburg. Sorry for the lack of excitement, i know some people have been longing for Cheesecake but part of Frederick’s charm used to be local businesses. I guess chains replacing chains is a wash. Was hoping something new and local would get a chance.


      • Well, we do have Pazziro’s or something like that, forgive my spelling. To East St where the wine Bistro was. I haven’t heard too much about it other than it’s run by same folks that own Brews, Asye, etc. Eitherway I’m looking forward to it. I hear it’s going to be a pizza place.


      • I’m not a fan of chains either, but it’s pretty unrealistic to expect anything else in the area circling the mall. As long as they stay away from downtown, Frederick’s charm is still perfectly intact.


    • From yesterday’s Frederick News Post about licenses approved by the liquor board:

      “Board members also gave conditional approval for a beer, wine and liquor license at the planned Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery. The restaurant chain is renovating the building at 5605 Spectrum Drive and is approved for a license if all requirements are met by Aug. 25. If the building is not ready at that time, they will have to go back before the board.”

      According to the address Tilted Kilt is moving into the old Lonestar building.


    • I thought Houlihan’s, along with Perkins, were both bulldozed for a big Wa Wa gas station? Next to Pizza Hut? As for Cheesecake Factory, I would think they’d have to tear down that old Lonestar as it doesn’t fit the look of any Cheesecake Factory that I’ve ever seen.


    • I haven’t found anything about Cheesecake Factory coming to Frederick, via a Google search, at least. I did find that Sonic is coming to the WalMart parking lot: (from the FNP)

      Sonic Drive-In, a fast-food chain known for serving burgers and shakes with retro flair, appears to be on its way to Frederick after officials gave a thumbs-up to building plans Wednesday.
      The proposal outlined before the Frederick County Planning Commission calls for building a 1,704-square-foot restaurant on Guilford Drive in what is now part of the Wal-Mart parking lot. The new location would mean Frederick residents no longer have to trek to Hagerstown for the nearest Sonic.

      “Are you going to be open by Christmas?” planning commission chairman Robert Lawrence asked Wednesday.
      Construction won’t be that fast, but burgers should be flipping at the Frederick Sonic by early spring, franchisee and developer John Louderback said.


      • Doner Bistor is going to be awesome, they have a restaurant in Leesburg and it’s fantastic – I can’t wait!

        Cheesecake Factory is a rumor that’s been circulating for nearly 10 years and I would bet money that it never happens.


      • I doubt Hooters would come, the area in the DC region is too saturated with them. I’ve been to the Tilted Kilt in White Marsh, unlike that chain with the orange shorted girls, the food there is a 1000 times better. Once you ate there you may never want to go back to that other chain. Try the Irish Nachos, they are the bomb! The chain I don’t want coming is Redneck Heaven, they make the other two breasaturant chains look like the Mickey Mouse Club. They had the servers wear bodypaint which pissed of the ABC board.


  4. While on the topic of food, would like to recommend (for the donuts, as well as the experience):

    Krumpes Donuts in Hagerstown. Yum, yum & yum. They are open each night from 7pm-2am and sell their donuts in the rear alley of their home. Great people, great donuts! Fastnacht Day is fast approaching at Krumpes. Special hours are 7am Monday, March 3 open until 2am Wednesday, March 5th.

    Fastnacht Day 2014
    « Back to Events
    Fastnacht Day 2014
    Monday, March 3, 2014 – Wednesday, March 5, 2014 7:00 am • 2:00 am
    Krumpe’s Do-Nuts
    912 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown, MD


  5. Does anyone know if there is any plans to put a restaurant at 46 South Market Street? That is a very large space on the corner of Carroll Creek. There was talk about 3 years ago of Micallies going into this space. But the owners backed out.


  6. Hey all! I’m going to try something new with Frederick Maryland Online soon. Stay tuned. I just wanted to give you all (the regulars) a heads up b/c when you come to the site it in the future it may look different.


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