And Now Lunchbox Closed

From their Facebook page this past Saturday:

Stop in for lunch today. It’s our last day on the creek. Thank you all for your patronage we’ll miss you. Make sure to visit us at #VoltResto and #VoltFamilyMeal

And this additional comment:

Thank you for your comments. We’ll miss you too but come see us @VoltFamilyMeal for similar casual lunches.

Sad to see it go, another place I frequented. Hopefully some of the sandwiches from the Lunchbox will make it to the Family Meal menu.

Thanks for the tip Diana.


11 thoughts on “And Now Lunchbox Closed

  1. I went for the last day, but it had been over a year since I had last gone. They had raised prices and I’m never down on the Creek.

    I guess Frederick hates sandwiches!


  2. Just because Lunchbox couldn’t cut it doesn’t mean Frederick hates sandwiches. For great sandwiches go to Juliet’s Italian Market or AKA Friscos. For great BBQ sandwiches try Black Hog or the Blues BBQ truck. Crabapples Deli makes good sandwiches as well but they could be a bit bigger.

    Word is the 7th Street Sandwich Shop is really good too, but I haven’t made it there yet.


      • ..and their thin style onion rings are great too. Good sandwiches, locally owned business, and friendly service. Can’t wait to bring my family back for another dinner or lunch!


      • I didn’t even know about this place, thank you for mentioning it..I was just mentioning to someone I wish there was a place to get sandwiches that wasn’t downtown. I know there is AKA Friscos, but after being a loyal and pretty regular customer for many, many years, I had horrible service (probably the worst I have ever experienced) from someone on staff and have never been back, and it’s been well over a year now.


      • Was it a new person that gave you such bad service there? It seems to me someone like that wouldn’t last long at Frisco’s because they have lots of long-timers working there, dedicated to good service. Did you let John, the owner, about your experience? He would want to make things right with you. I hope you give them another chance- it’s a deserving business for sure. If anything happened to their wine shop, I guess I would have to go to Virginia to do all my wine shopping.


      • My concept of new is probably not the same as others, so they may have been working there a while, I just had seen them that summer a few times. I had never had any issue with the person before and felt like other experiences with them were friendly.

        I did call the manager, who was working at the time, right after I got home, which I don’t think was the owner. Unfortunately the manager only said “I will talk to them” and said sometimes the staff jokes around with each other and they thought I didn’t hear them. That was all he offered to me.

        Honestly it is not principle with the whole place, I just honestly do not want run into that particular person again if they are still employed there and like you said, I know they do have long time workers and they may be one of them. They basically mocked/imitated me to other staff within view and ear shot of me over something I already felt very upset and self conscious about. In front of my kids, too, thankfully, my kids were too young to understand.

        (saying “they” to not identify this person as male or female)


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