Philly Rabe's Shuts It's Doors

Philly Rabe’s has shut down as some have reported in the Open Thread. Sad news, I actually made my way downtown for their subs a couple times. They were good and unlike anything you would get at other sub shops in Frederick.


6 thoughts on “Philly Rabe's Shuts It's Doors

  1. What a loss to Frederick. I suspect that they were one block too far north to get the foot traffic they wanted, but I am sad that they were so unappreciated. Their sandwiches were fantastic and will be missed.


  2. That is so sad. Yes, they were a little of the beaten track but it was worth it to get a decent, basic sandwich where the ingredients were fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, I had to make a special trip into town as I don’t work downtown, but it was my favorite sandwich place. So sorry to see them go.


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