Bentz Street going back to a raw bar

Bentz Street Sports Bar has been sold and is now under renovations for the next three weeks.  The new owners are reportedly going to change it back in to a raw bar.  While I haven’t spoken to the owners to verify that part about the raw bar theme, I have learned that plans are underway for a complete renovation to more of a restaurant than a bar.    My Frederick Browns Backers Club meets there for games every week and all our paraphernalia had to be taken down last weekend.  It’s kind of sad but that place needed something. It was getting pretty dumpy.


12 thoughts on “Bentz Street going back to a raw bar

  1. Hope it does become a real raw bar-type restaurant. We went once years ago and it was a dump then so we never went back. But I would love to see a place that does not put up a bunch of flat screen TVs. Probably not happening 😦


  2. I had some great times there back in the day. I was always kind of a dumb but a good vide, music and of course raw oysters. I haven’t been back there for a few years but when I drove by there about a year ago on a Saturday night, let’s just say it was a rough looking hip-hop crowd. Not the place I remember. I may not be in my 20’s anymore but even if I was, I doubt I would go there now.


  3. It’s been at least 10 years since I was there and I miss the raw bar. There used to also be live music, jazz-type stuff if I remember correctly. These rumored changes sound good to me.


  4. The last owner let the place become a dump. Food and service sucked.
    Between the lame comedy open mic nights and karaoke the place was due to close.


    • If they are, then I will make it a plan to stop and eat there, minus the raw. Sorry, don’t like raw seafood but a burger or steak would be nice, plus drinks.


  5. Live close to there and all I have to say is I really hope there is some drastic improvement with the new owners over the last. Looking forward to an actual rest. instead of a nightclub.


  6. My name is Dave Cogott and I am one of the owners of the New Raw Bar & Grill. We opened up last week for a week long soft opening. Our Grand Opening is to take place Friday, Dec 13. We will have an actual shucker doing his thing shucking oysters and clams. Also on the menu is steamed shrimp, scallops, calamari, crab balls, crab cakes(5 oz and a 10 oz), fresh salmon and flounder along with steaks and burgers. Surprising us the most this past weekend was how many veggie burgers we sold. They are home made and black bean based. We also have started a Mug Club promo. Buy in at $20 for the year and all drafts are $2.50 all the time. We sold 24 of these in 3 nights. Yes, we are very serious when it comes to the freshness of our product. I was the chef at Jerry’s Seafood in Lanham for 3 years so I know what has to be done to get this product on the table. I have over 40 years experience in the restaurant industry. Started as a dishwasher in NYC to owning my first rest/bar in Laurel (Oliver’s) from 1999 until 2011. I hope that this is enough to get some of you to come out and try some of the best seafood in Frederick.


    • Thanks for the information Dave. I wish you lots of luck. It was great to be back there with the Browns Backers Club on Sunday! My daughter was one of the veggie burger orderers and she loved it.


  7. Hi Dave,
    Good to hear about the changes from the last format.
    Yes on veg selections and a fresh Frederick raw bar.
    What are your live music plans?
    Hopefully a blues jam early one evening or on a Saturday aftermoon?
    TY and best of luck…


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