Open Thread November 2013 Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

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81 thoughts on “Open Thread November 2013 Edition

  1. Did something happen to Philly Rabe’s? They were closed when we came by for lunch on Monday and haven’t posted specials to the Facebook page in a week. I just tried calling them and no answer. I’m concerned they may have shut down in a hurry or that there was some sort of emergency.


  2. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for a yummy yet affordable place to eat or obtain a pre-cooked reheatable dinner for Thanksgiving for 3 (2 teens and a lazy mom:) ? Most of what I see if for parties of 8-10 ?


  3. I just want to share some information about The Religious Coalition in Frederick County. They are sponsoring a concert on November 22, 2013 at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. The concert will start at 8 PM and feature one of the best gospel singers in America, Jason Crabb. The best part of this event is that all proceeds will go to programs and services of the Coalition that serve our neighbors in need.

    Advance reservations are $15 a ticket, day of purchase are $20. If you want to know more about the Religious Coalition, please go to their website: And, if you like what you see, please send this information to your friends.

    November is Homeless Awareness month and this event will close out the month in Frederick County. Thanks for any help you can give. Alan Christian


  4. If you are willing to drive to Kentlands you can go to Buca DiBeppo. They have a Thanksgiving meal for 3 for $39. If you look around you can usually find a $10 coupon in the paper or sign up on their website for the emails.

    The dinner has turkey, mashed potatotes, gravy, stuffing. They will have it on their website in detail. We have went for the last 2 Thanksgiving’s and it was great!

    Its casual dress but I would suggest a reservation. You can make one on their website or on It does get busy.


  5. The Silver Maple on Alt 40 (formerly Hagan’s Tavern) closed and it looks like a new place will be opening this weekend. Sign says Brew Pub and restaurant.


    • I so miss it as Hagan’s Tavern. Never had a bad meal there and we always took out of state guests there as it was such a lovely “period” restaurant. I wish it would go back to that atmosphere.


    • We tried Brewed Pub on Wednesday night. It is definitely more along the lines of pub food than the previous incantations (Silver Maple, Hagan’s, Parson’s Table). There are in soft open so I’m not going to provide much of a review. The official launch date is 11/27.

      The food was pretty good (Burger, salads, clam chowder, fries). The next table had the wings, burger, and flat-iron steak and said all was good as well. I think Barley & Hops makes the best burger in town and this was on par with that IMO.

      Much is local-sourced: MD, WVA, PA, VA. They work with local distillers for rack drinks and all of the on-tap comes from local brewers – the furthest away being Baltimore. Barley & Hops is their off-site brewer.

      They had a pretty good crowd for a soft opening. There were some execution issues as you would expect, but the wait staff was very friendly and the owner was present checking in on tables.

      The menu was pretty eclectic – lots of beef & pork, but they have pasta, salads, and veggie (1 vegan) options. Pricing is smart – similar to The Main Cup. They have menu items that fit most budgets – so you can get a reasonably priced burger or the market$ fillet in the same place.

      I wasn’t a big fan of Hagan’s (good food, just not my taste) or Silver Maple (missed the mark every time I was there and vigorously rejected any feedback). Hopefully BrewedDPub will be a welcome addition to Frederick’s western slope.


  6. Frederick News Post just posted on Facebook regarding “talk of a Sonic coming to Frederick” without any more info. Does anyone know if this is just rumor (which has been going around for some time now if I remember correctly) or if anything is actually happening?


  7. I was at the Carrabba’s on 40 (right near Wolf’s Furniture) last night (Wed 13 Nov) and overheard the staff talking about how the restaurant is about to close, and that efforts were being made to relocate the present staff to the “new Carrabba’s.” Does anybody know if there’s actually going to be a new Carrabba’s and, if so, where they’re putting it?

    The word was that “foot traffic” at the present Carrabba’s has gone way down since the Frederick Towne Mall closed.


  8. Hello out there!

    Has anyone read “Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth” by Mark Hertsgaard?

    Also, do you know whether Frederick has a movement to prevent the new Super Walmart from being built…period?

    Please reply!


    • Santa downtown

      Friday, November 29, 2013 • 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

      Everedy Square and Shab Row
      East and Church Streets, Frederick, MD 21701

      The Christmas experience begins at the festively decorated shops and eateries of Everedy Square & Shab Row in downtown Frederick. Santa Claus arrives at 7pm sharp in a horse-drawn carriage to greet children among 40,000 twinkling white lights and brilliant sounds of the season. Join Santa for carols and refreshments while he stays to visit with each child. Parents are encouraged to bring their cameras.

      Also mt airy has a parade and they do a santa visit afterward. the parade is 7pm on 7th
      the parade is really cute, my kids like it.

      Visit with Santa
      following the parade, at the
      Firehouse Pottery & Arts – 116 South Main Street.


      • The Everedy Square Santa arrival is ridiculous. There are so many people squeezed in a small space when he arrives and everyone wanting to get close to him . I swear he needs bodyguards to force people out of the way. It’s like the papparazzi trying to get a shot of some movie star.


      • I kind of thought it would be like that. I have never been to the Santa visit in Mt Airy either because of the crowds, though the parade is cute.

        Check out the local fire departments….we did a breakfast with Santa one year, paid for a country breakfast and my daughter could sit and talk to Santa all she wanted and I could bring my own camera. She even went back a few times because she remembered other stuff she wanted.


      • Best Santa IMO is at the Maryland Christmas Show at the Fairgrounds in Frederick. I think this weekend and next. He is the real Santa


      • I ended up going to the one at the Christmas show, I HIGHLY recommend. He doesn’t rush the kids, and he looks like a real Santa. I am curious to see him in his “real” life, because he was very kind and sweet to the kids. And you can take all the pictures you want.


  9. Saw someone’s post (I think it was Gypsy but not sure) that there is a new restaurant coming to Westview called “The Lodge”. I can’t seem to find more information about it online. Does anyone know if it’s coming and when?

    And also, I hear Harris Teeter is coming to the new shopping center on rt 26? What about those other vacant stores in that area? (close to pier 1, petsmart, etc..)?


    • Harris Teeter across from Wegmans? Seems like pretty bad planning, but then so is building another Wal-Mart. Besides if the no-growth-afraid-of-every-new-change crowd believes that Frederick is too low-class for Whole Foods or Trader Joes, why on earth would Harris Teeter come here. I’d love to see one – they’re great stores. Just doesn’t seem likely.


      • That’s exactly what I thought… it seems to be too big to fit in that area. There’s one new building that is still vacant, I think, that’s in front of the Buffalo West Wings restaurant. I don’t know if that’s it but definitely too small for HT. Again it may be just a rumor….


    • The Lodge has a facebook page. It looks like they are open for lunch and dinner now, but will be opening for breakfast in December. I’m so excited for a farm-to-table breakfast place in Frederick!


      • A friend of mine reported eating there yesterday and said it was quite good. He reported sampling both elk and bison burgers and said it was reasonably priced. I was skeptical since Beef O’Brady’s (the owner’s other venture) is the exact opposite concept with everything heavily processed and IMO not good, but I’m looking forward to trying this.


  10. BJ’s had a ton of people going in there last night. I don’t know if they’re officially open or if it was maybe an invite only “soft” opening.


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  12. I know. Maybe it wasn’t consistent enough given the amount of rent they must pay in that location. At least there is still Juliet’s and the Firestone’s Market for good sandwiches.


  13. Hi all,
    I have family coming up – and they were going to go site seeing on Wednesday until the nasty weather was announced. Does anyone have any suggestions of indoor activities? Train museum and library are great, but need somewhere indoor they can expend some energy (ages 8,9,10)! I called FISC but they have more class structured activities and HobbyTown doesn’t have the indoor activity space in their new location. Thanks in advance!


  14. Missing cat… Waterside… the one on the left of the picture. She’s a RagDoll cat, big feet, bigger heart. She got out between last night / this morning….


  15. Hello!

    I posted earlier, but it got a little lost in the feed.

    Does anyone know of what is being done regarding the new Super Walmart in Frederick?

    Thank you,


  16. Rumor has it that the group that owns Brewer’s Alley, Acacia, Ayse Meze and Isabella’s is going to open an Italian restaurant where Shab Row Bistro used to be. We shall see…


  17. We had lunch at the new Brew’d Pub yesterday. We hadn’t been in that building since it was Hagan’s Tavern restaurant (Dec 2006 I think), and I was very glad to see that the Silver Maple owners hadn’t really done anything to destroy the integrity of the place when they took it over. Most everything looked the same. Bar was different from what we remembered but that was about it. We got there just as it opened at 11 am. We were immediately greeted and seated, and our server was there right away. They had a nice list of draft beers but the first hitch was that they were out of the first two that we ordered. We made 2nd choices and were very pleased with them. Second hitch was that they were out of sliced beef and couldn’t make 3 of the sandwiches. No problem. Hubby had the Reuben with onion rings and I had the grilled chicken sandwich with fries. It all came within about 10 minutes and it was all quite hot and fresh. We gave them allowances for having only been open a few days and not having the suppliers all together yet. They bought and opened the place in about 6 weeks time, and may have been in a bit of a hurry to get the holiday crowds. We’ll go back again.


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