New Party Store Downtown

I noticed this morning that a new party supply store has opened just in time for all your Halloween supply needs. I can’t remember the name but it’s just east of East Street on E.  Patrick Street, near the creek.  Leave a comment if you go.  I dislike Party City so I’m glad to see a new place, right downtown.


5 thoughts on “New Party Store Downtown

  1. It’s a great place. The owner is very willing to order what you want if he doesn’t have it but he has a lot of items. I needed maroon plates, napkins, etc. and he had burgundy/wine colored items that fit the bill. You won’t ever have to visit the box party stores again!


  2. Molly, thanks for the positive comment! Do they have balloons? I work at the flower shop downtown and people are always asking us if we have balloons. I would love to have a place to send them!


    • I think they do have balloons but I can’t say with 100% certainty. The owner tries to order items made in the US, not only to support the economy but also keep unknown chemicals to a minimum. Great place.


    • Thank you so much Dominique for helping me this afternoon, and for the wonderful chat about the joys of Europe.

      Everyone should definitely check this place out, it has everything you could possibly want for a party and more, and some things you never even thought of. 🙂


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