Frederick in the NY Times

The Frederick dining scene was featured in an article in the NY Times:

For a city once nicknamed “Fredneck” because of its reputation as an unsophisticated working-class town, Frederick, Maryland’s second largest city after Baltimore, has had an impressive makeover. The flourishing culinary scene is undoubtedly the biggest change. Natives of this metropolis of 55,000 are transforming the city, one hour from Washington, by opening restaurants and food shops.

Of course VOLT has to be mentioned but at least some others got some recognition as well.  Interesting.  Read the whole article here.


8 thoughts on “Frederick in the NY Times

  1. It would’ve been nice to see Mike Tauraso get a nod for opening The Tasting Room a while ago. I cannot recall how long ago it opened, but it set a tone for downtown being able to support a high end restaurant. The Province gave way to Acacia, and Brown Pelican went under, but the Tasting Room remains and looks more like a modern foodie stop than most places in town. Voltaggio helped to bring more people here, but if he hadn’t someone would have because of Tauraso’s lead.


  2. Frederick has been getting some good press recently. I was psyched when I heard Flying Dog brewery get a shout out for their Raging Bitch IPA on HBOs True Blood a couple of weeks ago!


  3. I think they could have also mentioned Isabella’s and Brewer’s Alley, but I am just glad the food choices in Frederick have improved so much since we moved here 12 years ago.


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