Feasibility Analysis for a Bicycle Sharing Program in Downtown Frederick

The City of Frederick has set up a website to collect public opinion about a bike sharing program in Downtown Frederick:

The City of Frederick is exploring the feasibility of implementing a bike share system. While we are still in the exploratory phase of bike sharing in Frederick, we would like to hear from you. Please use this website to learn more about the project, about bike sharing and about the possibilities that bike sharing represents for the City.

Visit to frederickbikeshare.com to read more about the program, fill out a survey, suggest bike sharing locations, and learn about bike sharing programs in other cities.


18 thoughts on “Feasibility Analysis for a Bicycle Sharing Program in Downtown Frederick

  1. I am part of the Capital Area Bike Share (yearly membership) and take the bikes around town when I am at work in downtown DC. They are used like crazy down there.

    That being said, I also work several times a month in our Arlington office and that rack outside the office does not move. A lot of dirt and dust on the bikes.

    I am not sure the Frederick Area can support such a thing for it is not merely about population size but the type of resident. Yes Frederick has a lot of cool hipsters around the downtown area, but not enough to support a larger program.


  2. Those were my thoughts when the idea was first brought up. The Frederick Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee needs to think about solving real bicycle problems this town has before bringing up a feel-good proposal like this. Hood College has/had their own version of this, but I don’t know how it worked out. I live a total bicycle lifestyle in this town and certainly have a point of view on the practicality of bicycling in Frederick that the weekend riders miss.


  3. I’ve seen it in several cities – but they’re always bigger cities and certainly ones that have far friendlier biking conditions. And still it doesn’t seem to work. It was tried while were living in Montreal (which has nice big bike lanes even on the busiest of streets) and last I heard it was going bust – bikes damaged, stolen, etc. The people who bike already owned their own. I’m up in the Chicago area right now (west ‘burbs) and have seen it here – and most of the bikes are just sitting in the racks.


    • Frederick received a $12,500 grant from the Maryland Department of Transportation to complete the study for this. I think use for the grant could have been used for more practical bike parking racks instead of the ones recently installed that damage your bike frame. Frederick having such an incredible arts community it would be great for artists to design some unique ones like other cities have done.


      • Many times these grants need to be used for specific things, so a grant for a
        feasibility study may not be able to be used to purchase bike racks.

        But honestly, a lot of bike racks were just installed so that is not something that will
        be high on the list of bike improvements for the city. With a little care, you can lock your bike without damage. You can also install a top tube pad if you are really concerned.


      • They’re ugly, though…and they should have been ones installed as to not damage a bike frame. I don’t want to buy a frame protector. I lock my bike to any nearby tree. When a bike is already locked to one of these racks there is now way I am going to attach mine to it. As someone who bikes daily to work and does all my errands and appointments by bike (as I don’t own a car) I have a much better view on real life biking in Frederick than those who take long country rides on the weekends.


      • A tree? That’s real secure – and not good for the tree either. Your bike is a tool, who cares if it gets scratched. I bike daily for both transportation and recreation. I lock up on all kinds of things, if my bike looks imperfect, so what? It still functions. If you want gucci bike racks then advocate for them, figure out how to fund them and make it happen.


      • A soft bike seat against tree bark is better than the sound of metal against metal. Besides, I don’t see too many people walking around with chain saws. My thirteen year-old bike has plenty of dings in it from its 365 days a year use. Back to the original subject of this forum I’ll state my opinion again that it’s a complete waste of time to make a study on the feasibility of Bike Share in this town. And I’ll apologize if I’ve been getting too emotional on the subject of bicycling in general. As I said before I live by bike year-round and have a better understanding of biking in this town than the advisory committee.


      • Joe, I believe we are connected on Flickr (so, again, I apologize for being a bit strong on this subject). Most of the photos on the right side of this website are mine (photos taken by you are the second most submitted). All of them were obtained while out either walking or biking. It’d be great to meet and discuss biking with you sometime.


      • Jim – You are correct, we are connected on Flickr. My apologies as well, as my own feelings on the subject are strong too. I’d love to talk biking with you sometime, I’ve seen your posts on here and FNP about cycling and know your are passionate about it. I think perspectives like yours would be usedful to the bicycle advisory committee.

        Back to the subject and hand – I’d love to see a successful bike share program in Frederick. That said, I think it would be challenging to pull off. There need to be many stations located fairly frequently so there is a robust network. Too few stations and the concept won’t work for residents to commute on. That costs a lot of money and also comes with the challenge of where to locate them. On the other hand, I think there is a need for bike rentals for tourists/visitors and that may be where this could be successful.

        In the end, the point of the feasibility study is to determine if this is worth moving forward and I’m glad Frederick continues to look alternatives to motorized traffic as part of it’s overall transportation vision.


  4. I think it’d be great to invest more in bike lanes & paths. I love to bike, but we have small kids to we really only bike on paths since I don’t feel safe taking them out on roads. I’d love it if we could bike *to* somewhere safely rather than just bike for fun like we currently do.


    • agreed. One thought I had and probably someone in power has too is the old Frederick to Walkersville trolley line. That would connect the city with all the new development on RT 26.


  5. Frederick has made great efforts to make changes to make this a more bike friendly community model, but more is needed. Spring Ridge is still kind of isolated as well as Rt. 26. Not much you can do to downtown (except converting the old Walkersville line to a bike trail) but this town was built before bikes and cars. I really don’t like that Carroll Creek (in the downtown part) part is closed to bikes. I ignore the signs but I was with my kid on a big and a cop gave me a warning about a month ago. First time ever.


    • Actually, that section of Carroll Creek is part of the Frederick History Bicycle Loop. It’s only closed to bikes during Alive @ Five on Thursday evenings.


    • Can’t get from Whittier to downtown, either. At least not in a safe manner. We’d have to ride down Yellow Springs/Rosemont. There is no real shoulder along Yellow Springs, and too much traffic on Rosemont.


  6. Great to see so many people wanted to ride their bikes for transportation. I encourage you to get involved and voice what you want to your local politicians. The mayor has a bicycle advisory committee that meets monthly. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.


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