Zoning Change for Frederick Towne Mall Property Approved

From the Frederick News-Post:

After hearing more than an hour of impassioned public comment Thursday, the city’s Board of Aldermen voted 5-0 to rezone the Frederick Towne Mall property.

The rezoning will allow Rockwood Capital, which owns the 20 acres on U.S. 40, to move forward with a proposal to bulldoze the nearly vacant mall and build a Wal-Mart. The developers will need to bring forward a site plan before finalizing its plan.




22 thoughts on “Zoning Change for Frederick Towne Mall Property Approved

  1. I think this is the beginning of truely getting the Golden Mile built back up again. Great job to the mayor and aldermen on this one.


    • Won’t be going anywhere near it and no one I know will be shopping there. We all talk about how much we do NOT want another Wal-Mart. We already don’t go to the other 2. Turning the area into a Wal-Mart ghetto. Lovely. I’ll stay off the Golden Mile altogether after that thing goes up. I’d rather drive south.


  2. I am disgusted. Where the money is is where the government in this town gravitates. I am really appalled by this move. A real slap in the face to the voting public. Obviously, it is NOT what the people want. But our representatives do not take us seriously. We are destined to become a city of Homer Simpsons with leadership like this. How sad. “Doh”.


    • I am confused by people who blame the elected officials for not going with the will of the people – as if the will of the people is gauged only by the people who are against issues showing up at meetings and posting on the Internet, etc.
      That being said, Blaine Young is an embarrassment to Frederick, but people voted him in because of his stance on some of the issues they care about. Complaining that he is pushing his own agenda and not listening to dissenting opinions…. We all know who this guy is.


  3. I know in other towns that wal-mart built or moved to a bigger location, the old ones have sat empty. I have seen them close active stores, so I wouldn’t put it past Wal-Mart to have something up their sleeve for the other two stores. I have seen it happen too often. Sadly they pay rent on empty stores so no one will compete with them.

    Hopefully the city will project in the future and think of something to fill the empty spaces wal-mart leaves behind.


    • If the rezoning had fallen through, then the individual who was fighting Walmart had been talking to Whole Foods and maybe it would have been a possibility. How would Whole Foods help the existing super markets on 40 though? I don’t get that argument.


      • And a Wal-Mart that sells groceries somehow DOES help the other markets on 40? A Whole Foods attracts an entirely different crowd than any Wal-Mart grocery store – or most other grocery stores. Wegmans is such a huge draw precisely because it’s as close to Whole Foods, in the variety of things it carries, as we have right now. In NOVA I shopped at Giant, the military commissary at Ft. Belvoir, and at least twice a month I went to Whole Foods for the things that the other stores didn’t carry. I was just up in the western ‘burbs of Chicago, communities not much different from Frederick, and they all have Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and all of the popular mid-west chains as well, Jewel and Dominick’s for instance. And they all appear to be doing just fine. It’s not the job of one business to “help” a similar business. It’s the job of each business to offer what the others do not. I’ll continue to go to the Rockville Whole Foods as long as Frederick rolls it eyes in fear of having one here.


      • Yep. Wegmans. Giant Eagle on 7th. Food Lion on Yellow Springs. Commissary at Ft. Detrick. Barnes and Noble. Macys. Lowes. The Muse. Target. Costco. Old Farm Liquors. I’ll be using the new Home Goods store often rather than having to drive to Mt. Airy. That’s about it. I wear a clothing size that is simply impossible to find here (other than in hideous knits and elastic waists) so I have to go to Tyson’s Center. I am into outdoors stuff so I use REI and LLBean because they have everything on the shelf when I want it – no waiting til they can get it ordered. I buy most of our wines at Wegmans in Leesburg – cheaper and best selection. Specialty foods and meats come from Whole Foods in Rockville. Most everything else I can get on-line thru Amazon. And as for your next question – yes I often do wish we’d stayed in Alexandria just for the variety of stores.


      • I admire you for knowing what you want and going out of your way to get it.

        Now we play the waiting game to see what ends up filling in 40 as WalMart makes its landing…


    • I haven’t heard anything. I would imagine from everything I’ve followed, the owners need to sell the property soon or lose rights to it.

      In the end, it’s just retail and a face lift. I expect Kmart to close and from what I’ve gathered from various business owners, they want Kmart gone.


    • Guy, from what i understand now that the zoning issue has been resolved, the developers will need to submit a site plan to the city. the plans that were submitted with the zoning request are not site plans.

      BK- from my chats with Kmart cashiers, they reupped their lease in December (i am not sure for how long). And from the business financial pages the whole Sears/Kmart merger hasn’t really taken off (lost martha stewart for example)- so i don’t know if i see the kmart closing because of WM per se but because of corporate under performance. The gal i have spoken with told me all decisions come out of Chicago now (coprorate headquarters) even their schedules and hvac controls. I do shop there for pool supplies (cheaper than pool store) and on occasion home items (paint, planters, charger).


  4. Hi everyone can anyone help to answer my long time burning question. When will G MART be open? I kept driving over every week to check to see if it opens. It seems forever. What is going on with G MART?
    I do really look forward to buy food there rather than driving long trip to H MART and GRAND MART.
    Thank you


    • An article in the FNP over the weekend mentioned the new businesses and said that the GMart people would not comment on the opening.


      • Really I sure hope for G Mart people to success grand opening sometimes soon. Must be awkward for the new business owners.


    • Hi Sheri,

      I know originally they had said spring but of course that didn’t happen- Progress is being made as the real signs are up, plus activity of construction workers in and out ( have seen when I bank or shop in the center) would imagine (though I don’t know for sure) that they are interviewing to get a staff in place for opening. happy to post again if I see or hear anything new.


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