A Movie in the Frederick Towne Mall

Looks like the plan for to make a movie in the old Frederick Towne Mall hit a snag:

Hey MAULERS fans…Long night…spent four hours at a city hall hearing on the mall redevelopment project and hoped to hammer out a deal with the owners of Frederick Towne Mall to film MAULERS there…no such luck. Guess it’s back to the drawing board. Really hoping to make this project in Frederick, Maryland, but forced to open the search to other vacant malls around the country.

I hope they let the movie go forward before the mall is demolished forever. It’s be a great send off for the old place.



4 thoughts on “A Movie in the Frederick Towne Mall

  1. Bummer- You would think that this would be a PR win for the mall owner as well as Frederick. The owners could show that they are trying to be good corporate neighbors, the mall is empty anyway, not like it would put anyone out. Especially with all the negativity swirling around about the zoning, this would go a long way to say they are in fact interested in the community. Honestly how long would the shooting last? I don’t see it lasting months, but the positive buzz it would generate would last.


  2. How long would it take the way they shoot movies now? The recent Monsters — a really good flick of its kind — was shot on location by a crew of two people with HD cameras in a few weeks. If someone were to tell me that Klutzo the Developer wanted to charge the Maulers makers a small fortune for use of the mall, I wouldn’t be surprised. The city of Frederick should have gotten involved in this and tried to make it happen, since it would have been great for the city.


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