Mealey's Closes Again

From the Frederick News-Post:

The “closed” sign is about to be set in front of Mealey’s Restaurant and Pub once again.

Owner Carl Miller is closing the eatery for the second time in less than two years because the food and the restaurant’s sales aren’t meeting his expectations, he said Wednesday.

“They don’t have the class of food there that I would like,” he said. “It’s not getting any better.”

The restaurant opened under new management less than a year ago on July 25, 2012, but this version of the Main Street anchor will close July 19.

I’m not up on my restaurant superstitions, but if they do re-open they should probably call the place something other than Mealey’s. Thanks for the tip Jenny.


6 thoughts on “Mealey's Closes Again

  1. My suggestion from the get go was to drop the Mealey’s name. We have struggled with expectation of old school Mealey’s vs. a younger pub type atmosphere.


  2. I’m always sorry when a good restaurant goes away, but I always trust that the proprietors’ next one will be even better because of what they’ve learned. I do agree that they should have changed the name. The name Mealey’s means nothing to the newer people but creates a set of false expectations for the longtimers.


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