Liberty Road Seafood Reopens

Liberty road seafood

As mentioned in last month’s open thread, Liberty Road Seafood (map/directions) has re-opened it’s doors.

My family and I stopped by for dinner last night and it’s pretty much the same as it was when it closed. I got the all you eat crabs, shrimp, clams, etc. I don’t think I can put away enough food these days to make the 40 plus dollar* all you can eat option worth it, but the crabs, shrimp, and clams were all great. The only thing that isn’t the same is that they haven’t gotten their liquor license back yet, so no beer with your crabs until mid-July.

This is probably a good time to ask about other all you can eat crab options in the area. I thought of May’s and Liberty Road, but I was stumped after that. Any other options?


*I think they used to have a cheaper all you can eat crabs deal, where you only got crabs and a couple other things. I forgot to ask though, if anyone else knows if this is still on the menu please comment below.


28 thoughts on “Liberty Road Seafood Reopens

    • We like Wegmans for seafood. And they told me that they can anything I’d like on a day or two’s notice. Before that I always went to the Giant Eagle on 40 on Friday afternoons when they get their freshest deliveries. At least that’s when they used to get them. That may have changed.


      • Thanks, we like Wegmans’s for seafood as well, but I really miss a true seafood market. . Think we have to head east to find one. And as far as seafood restaurants go, neither May’s or Liberty Road offer much that isn’t fried. Crabs and about a nice grouper sandwich, or some blackened tuna?


      • Yeah, once you’ve been to Joe Patti’s in Pensacola there really are no other seafood markets πŸ™‚ Love a good grouper sandwich as well and have never seen one here. I’m always amazed and saddened at the kinds of seafood and dishes that we can’t get here when we’re so close to the ocean.


      • We go to Hatteras Island every year and the seafood we get there is phenomenal, right off the boats. We usually bring some home but it doesn’t last long. Had snowy groper there this year and it was fantastic.


    • For fresh seafood fanatics, Gaithersburg’s Grand Mart on Muddy Branch Road can’t be beat. It usually has 40-60 varieties of fish which changes weekly but may include such items as porgy, white bass, mackerel, mullet, and crab, all at good prices. You can be sure that your selection is fresh because the store lets you pick up the fish (usually customers encase their hand in a plastic baggie) and stare it in the eye, inspect the gills, and sniff the fish– all signs of freshness. They also have a limited selection of live fish. I don’t buy fish fillets in the supermarkets any more because I don’t know for certain how long it’s been lying around or even if the species has been identified correctly.



  1. Rube’s in Emmitsburg and Buckeystown Pub both have AYCE crabs and are both very good. Both also have live music on weekends…not sure if that’s all the time though.


  2. I’d love to see Liberty Road get the wonderful powder-sugar coated hush puppies back. πŸ™‚ We always took visitors to Liberty Road rather than Mays. Can’t pinpoint why exactly – but we just don’t care for Mays.


  3. You all haven’t heard about Camerons Seafood off of Route 85 in the Burger King Plaza?? They get fresh seafood deliveries every day!!


  4. Yes. You pick the fish, they weigh it, and then they clean it in any of six different styles ranging from just scaling and evisceration to fileting– your choice. The bigger fish (tuna, grouper, shark, etc.) are usually pre-cleaned and cut into steaks. You know what fish you’re getting because the skin is generally visible and in half to two-thirds of the cases the head is present (before cleaning). The biggest variety is available Thursday through Sunday, I guess because the boats and wholesale markets are off on Sunday. This store also has an immense variety of veggies and fruit– for example, Indian, Thai, Italian, French, and Chinese eggplants all the time and sometimes white eggplant too.

    I also want to put in a plug for Trout’s for crabmeat. I’ve never been there, but I’ve had Trout’s crab prepared by a friend, and it’s always spanking fresh, sweet, delicious and indisputably blue crab. Not cheap, though.


  5. May’s is about 32.00 for the crabs and other seafood items and if you get the crab legs you get pretty much everything for 48.00, it was awesome and the people were great.

    Also on Tuesday’s at Charles Town they have all you can eat crab leg buffet for 19.99 , never been there but heard it was good.


    • That was a long time ago. Now they charge $34.99 and it’s on Friday’s. The buffet is closed on Monday and Tuesday. I guess the Maryland Live Casino is making it tough on them. Speaking of Maryland Live they have the AYCE Crab Legs on Fri and Sat for $34.99.


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