Liberty Road Seafood Reopens

Liberty road seafood

As mentioned in last month’s open thread, Liberty Road Seafood (map/directions) has re-opened it’s doors.

My family and I stopped by for dinner last night and it’s pretty much the same as it was when it closed. I got the all you eat crabs, shrimp, clams, etc. I don’t think I can put away enough food these days to make the 40 plus dollar* all you can eat option worth it, but the crabs, shrimp, and clams were all great. The only thing that isn’t the same is that they haven’t gotten their liquor license back yet, so no beer with your crabs until mid-July.

This is probably a good time to ask about other all you can eat crab options in the area. I thought of May’s and Liberty Road, but I was stumped after that. Any other options?

*I think they used to have a cheaper all you can eat crabs deal, where you only got crabs and a couple other things. I forgot to ask though, if anyone else knows if this is still on the menu please comment below.


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