BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery Coming to FSK Mall

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery is coming to the FSK Mall in the parking lot between Macy’s and JCPenney. Here is some information about the restaurant from their website:

BJ’s Restaurants serve quality food and fresh, handcrafted beers in a casual, high-energy atmosphere. Our restaurant team members exude a warm, friendly and energetic spirit that conveys a sense of honest value and a commitment to exceed the expectations of our guests. We have a lively bar with plenty of televisions throughout the restaurant, but we’re not a “sports bar.” We offer our unique handcrafted beer, but we’re not a “brew pub.” We’re just a high-energy, casual dining restaurant that offers quality food and handcrafted beer at a good value to our guests. BJ’s offer a high-quality, extensive (approximately 100 items) menu featuring BJ’s signature deep dish pizza, complemented by generously portioned salads, sandwiches, soups, pasta, entrées, snacks and small bites, our own line of handcrafted microbrewed beers and of course our famous Pizookie® dessert. Quality, flavor, value, moderate prices and sincere service remain distinct attributes of the BJ’s experience. BJ’s is popular with all ages – kids, families, young adults, “baby boomers” and senior citizens – and all income levels. Our average check per guest is about the same (or less) than what you would pay for an average experience at one of the “mass market” casual dining restaurants. The difference is that at BJ’s we believe you get much more for your money!

Thanks for the tip Gypsy.


5 thoughts on “BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery Coming to FSK Mall

    • Seems awhile back someone said that a WaWa or Sheetz, don’t remember which, was going in where the old Perkins is. That was several months ago, maybe a year now, and no movement at all has been made to tear down the old restaurants. BJ’s is considerably bigger inside than either of those two old restaurants were – entirely different design and architecture.


      • I think I remember a flame war where the guy building the WaWa there got a little over-defensive on here when somebody questioned the wisdom of his location.

        It is still an odd location, by the way. Would prefer something closer on the north side of town near all the new stuff, instead of that overpriced Exxon station and the Giant gas that can’t compare to the Gas Perks of Giant Eagle.


  1. I dont understand why build a new building if you have a two empty restaurants across from you. I know they were talking about a wawa but still….one of those buildings could have been used.


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