Maryland Craft Beer Festival, 2013

The Maryland Craft Beer Festival takes place Saturday, May 18th, 2013 from Noon to 6pm.

Directly support the Brewers Association of Maryland’s (BAM) mission to promote and protect Maryland Craft Beer by attending this family friendly festival on Carroll Creek Park, in Downtown Frederick. Featuring over 25 Maryland brewing companies pouring over 125 unique, fresh, and local craft beers. Admission ticket includes tasting tokens and a commemorative glass. Additional tokens as well a variety of foods will be available for purchase.

Learn more about the event and purchase tickets online.


6 thoughts on “Maryland Craft Beer Festival, 2013

  1. So did anyone go to this? We did and while we enjoyed it, it seemed pretty silly to corral everyone into a tiny portion of the Creek. There was barely room to walk. In previous years, it was at the Keys stadium or the fairgrounds where there is much more room.


    • I have not been on previous occasions, but it did get very difficult to maneuver around by about 2pm, and we left around 3pm. We had a very nice time with friends and tried some wonderful beers just the same.


    • I went. I had fun, but it did seem odd that they didn’t make use of all the space they had (basically one whole side of the creek), maybe they were concerned with containing it and keeping non-payers out?


    • I agree with previous comments. Overall I found the event very enjoyable…I always like discovering new brewers and beers, and chatting with fellow beer lovers. Like most good things, however, there is always room for improvement. I actually liked that it was at Carroll Creek. Yes, HG Stadium or the fairgrounds would have been roomier, but the atmosphere at those venues is pretty bland. The Creek is more scenic and vibrant, and draws people into downtown. I just wish the Creek had been better utilized. Seems like they could have spread it out among more of the space that was blocked off between Market and Carroll…and could have had entrances at BOTH ends. Funneling everyone in through a single checkpoint was a little ridiculous. Here’s to keeping it at the Creek next year, but putting a bit more thought into the planning.

      PS…given the success of this event, I’d also like to see an additional annual beerfest in Frederick that’s not limited to MD beers…maybe schedule that one for the fall. There is definitely a beer culture brewing (uggh) in Frederick that needs to be tapped (sorry).


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