Public Meeting About the Golden Mile WalMart

This was mentioned in the comments, but I wanted to make sure it was broadcasted wider:

Just a reminder to anyone who is interested- tonight 5/9 at 7pm the Fredericktowne Mall developers will again present their plans for the Mall which is to include a Walmart SuperCenter. the meeting will be held at the old BonTon space at the mall. Remember the issue is about zoning, currently the property is zoned mixed use, the owners want it to be general commercial and this presentation is what they will build if it gets zoned GC. The Planning Commission has recommended that zoning stay MU. It will ultimately go to the Alderman for a vote.

Thanks for the heads up mdchmd!



8 thoughts on “Public Meeting About the Golden Mile WalMart

  1. you are very welcome Guy 🙂 Hope we have a good turnout so that people’s opinions are heard, no matter which side of the discussion you are on!


    • Seemed like a good crowd…not many empty seats and plenty with opposing views to say. I feel like its ultimately going to happen. It’s a start to something which is better than nothing. The owner of the property pretty much has no alternates.

      I was fortunate enough to be sitting with near an individual who was connected to Wonderbook and she welcomes it along with several others.

      Mdchmd, did you speak?


      • Hi BK, No I didn’t speak- It was my 3rd time hearing the presentation – but I have to tell you they really have tailored it since the last meeting. Which of course is their right but they definitely left out some controversial remarks about demographics that were said last time. I thought Karen Young set the stage well by restating that the discussion is really about the zoning whether mixed use or general commercial. Would encourage everyone to let the Alderman know their opinion either way as they will ultimately be voting on the zoning issue.

        I wouldn’t agree with the reps assessment of why the mall “failed” as a homeowner who shopped there and spoke to shop owners during that time. As i remember it, the mall owners changed from GC to MU (their request back then) and because of those plans started to put the tenants on month to month leases since they were ultimately going to be demolishing the interior of the mall b/w Boscovs and Home Depot to fulfill their MU plan. And that is why the stores left. But then Fema/city came up with a floodplain issue which set the plans on hold by then 2008 had started and along with it the recession which affected everything. So then nothing happened and those who hadn’t left or gone out business, did leave over time because why would one stay where the owners weren’t or couldn’t move ahead with their plans. Remember all those 99 cent stores that were in there temporarily in the meantime?

        I also wouldn’t agree that Home Depot does “no business except early morning for the contractors” My husband and I were there over the weekend and the parking lot was full. And I don’t think HD would appreciate being called out as the reason why the mall “failed”.

        I would have loved to seen something other than retail go there b/c we all know retail has changed over the past decade. It is a shame the owners weren’t interested in something other than mall/stand alone stores, such as a satellite college campus like what they did in Martinsburg at their old mall or a medical office complex since TJ is jammed pack and FMH really has nowhere to expand on 7th St. but alas they want what they know and what they know is retail space….
        One take away i think everyone can agree with, is boy that Walmart rep has a hard job! She definitely earns her salary. I wouldn’t want that job.


      • Yeah the rep for the property had a very ‘take it or leave it’ air about him. It was disheartening to see, especially when asked if he had an alternate if this should fail. I personally feel the design is in good faith (minus the sculptures) I just wish there was something other than Wal*Mart that would go in there. I’m tired of hearing about Trader Joe’s Whole Foods, because we need to the business before they even consider it, in my opinion.

        The Home Depot comment was odd too…glad I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

        I appreciate you responding. I’ve been living in Hillcrest for almost 4 years now and have been working on my home and trying to get to know the people around me. It was refreshing to see how the community feels at this meeting and get a feel for what people want…


  2. It must just eat up the guts of the “Frederick is too redneck” people when they see how popular and crowded Wegmans is. Or how crowded and impossible to get in to any good restaurant downtown is. After all, if the city were that “redneck” none of those businesses would be thriving. But they can’t afford them, or won’t pay to use them, so therefore none of the rest of should. It all comes down to fear – fear of new things, fear of better places, fear that they may be really wrong and the rest of us are right, fear of change.


  3. Hi I would like to know when when when G MART on RT 40 (formerly GIANT) open? I can not wait for G MART to be open.
    Thank you


  4. I was down at Tyson’s Center mall today. At 10 am on a weekday it was very busy. Cars were already jostling for parking. I hadn’t been there in almost a year and found that not only were there many new stores and restaurants, they are again adding several new stores to it, a high rise “towers” apt complex, and other things. And apparently it will be a stop on the new Silver line of the metro. And with all of that happening there, and as very busy as it was, there will still be people who insist “the mall” is dead as a concept. No it’s not. Only malls that are never updated, never added to, allowed to just go stagnate are dying off. FSK, paying attention?


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