WOW Cafe & Wingery Closes Their Doors

From their Facebook page:

I want to thank all of our friends who have been a part of WOW Cafe. We have had to make the difficult decision to close our restaurant and feel great sadness that we can no longer serve you. We hope that each of you have great happiness and wish you all the best of everything. Love you all, Tim and Cathy

Sad to see them go. They didn’t have the best wings in Frederick, but it was a good place to watch a game (decent specials, not overcrowded, lots of TVs).

Any recommendations on a good place to watch a Redskins game in Frederick?


29 thoughts on “WOW Cafe & Wingery Closes Their Doors

  1. This is a real loss, I actually really enjoyed their wings. I never got the chance to S&H their Monday all you can eat and I guess now I never will…


  2. For Frederick, I actually think Hard Times is good. They grill their wings and that makes a big difference. There’s also a guy at the Urbana Farmers market who has a BBQ truck and when he has wings, they are very good too.


  3. Capital Crave by a country mile has the best wings in Frederick. They serve the “Roasters”, which are approx. 50% larger than any other wing you will find. They DO NOT use tabasco sauce for heat, rather, they use actual spices.

    Their service is painfully slow and they open and close without explanation for days and weeks at a time but hey, their wings are the best!


  4. I like the wings at Brewers Alley, and I’ve eaten the “Ghost Wings” at Canal Bar and Grille last year – and was the oldest woman to enter that competition at the time. 🙂


  5. I have to second the wings at Hard Times. Mmm, mmm good. Love Friscos but have never tried their wings. Will have to now.

    Depressing to see another business close. These are not the best of times.


    • Friscos has the best cookies too. Having a chocolate chip right now. I’ll have to try Hard Times and Capital Crave too. My chiropractor just today recommended Capital Crave and he’s a big wing fan.


  6. Does anyone know when/why El Ranchero on 85 closed? We go there pretty frequently to dine-in and also do carryout. I called last night to place an order and no one answered the phone, so we drove by and they’re definitely closed. Sad to see because we enjoyed their food and fast service and they always seemed to be busy.


      • I have got to disagree with this.

        At El Ranchero, I could get the less common, yet still amazing stuff. Stuff like chilaquiles.

        Los Teltecos seemed much more “chain” like, and the service was not as prompt and the food was somewhat disappointing. This was not on a busy evening. Maybe it’s just a poor first impression, but my arm will have to be twisted to return.

        I will GREATLY miss El Ranchero. I guess my best option now is Fajita Grande on Rt. 40.


      • Fajita Grande is the BOMB…the first time we ordered from there were chicken/spinach burritos and my wife and I had to save one of them for the next day…stuff is GOOD


      • Ugh to all of them. Grew up in California and lived in Arizona, traveled thru Texas and New Mexico. None of the “Mexican” restaurants here are anything beyond TV dinner quality. Mid-Atlantic people don’t like truly hot spicy food. And NO one here knows how to make a real tamale – not some tiny skinny thing that has a teeny bit of meat in the center. I’m talking about tamales that are at least 3″ thick and 2″ of that is meat – chicken or beef or pork – and it’s juicy and spicy in the center. Those pencil thin things served here are not real tamales. We’ve tried all of the “Mexican” restaurants here hoping against hope for the real thing and have been deeply disappointed every time. I’ve been asked so many times “So, you’re from out west. Which restaurant has the best Mexican food?” and every time my answer is “None of them. They’re all TV dinner quality.”


      • Gypsy, you’ve spoken to the 50 million people residing in the mid-atlantic and confirmed that every single one of them don’t like spicy food?

        If the Mexican food is so bad here, why don’t you move back West?

        Your post is similar to people from Boston who tells Marylander’s that we don’t know how to handle snow. It just comes off that you’re a Mexican food snob and offers nothing of real value to the conversation other than; “I’m better than everyone here b/c I and only I, know anything about Mexican food because I’m from out West.”

        The original question was merely, “Does anyone know when/why El Ranchero closed?”

        I wish I could answer this question b/c I also enjoyed their food; however Mexican or “fake-Mexican” it might have been.

        I felt the need to say something b/c posts like yours without admin. moderation make this an undesirable website to visit.


      • HI,

        Just a note. I do moderate and read every comment on this blog. I try not to censor comments too much to keep the discussion going, but I do trash some (you should see the horrible ones I don’t let through). Anyway, just a note.


      • I can imagine Guy what you may see, and I’m glad such diverse opinions can be found on this site. Thanks for what you do!


  7. The closest I have found to the TexMex I love (having lived in TX for six years) is at Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe in Gaithersburg. I have also heard good things about Cafe Bueno on East St., so I need to try them.


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