The Market Bagel & Deli – For Sale

This photo confirms Jenny’s comment that The Market Bagel & Deli is closed and up for sale.

Any suggestions for a replacement bagel place?



9 thoughts on “The Market Bagel & Deli – For Sale

  1. On Friday, the sign said closed for renovation. Yesterday it was for sale! You could see it coming. The place had definitely gone downhill since the Mayor sold it.


  2. Bean & Bagels is the best. However, over the years it too has gone down a litte. A little cleaning and some customer service improvements would help. Still, the food is good and the bagels taste the same no matter how many times that place changes hands.


  3. Capfan,

    I agree that Market Bagel and Deli went downhill after the mayor sold it. In addition to having great bagels the sandwiches used to be fantastic. I went in a couple months ago and the menu looked pretty uninspired. I like Beans and Bagels too. I think it’s yummy and has a nice small town feel to it…kind of like Cheers for breakfast.


  4. Zi Pani Breads & Café is the absolute best. They’re located just off Rt 15 on Opposumtown Pike in the RoseHill Plaza. Fresh sandwiches, variety of menu items, wonderful customer services and a fun atmosphere. I’ve been going here for years and years. They have free Wi-Fi too so you can chill out with your laptop or iPad and surf while you’re enjoying coffee and/or lunch. I’ve been there when local groups gather too for mini-meetings etc. It’s a great place, very comfortable. Here’s more info –


    • I totally agree with this! I’m kindof a bagel snob and Zi Pani and MB&D were my go-to places. Now there’s just one! These bagels are very NY style: very dense inside with a nice tough and chewy exterior. And they have Jalapeno bagels, too.


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