Frederick Community Garden Association Looking for New Space

From the Frederick News-Post:

A community garden in the heart of downtown Frederick has been a dream come true for about 40 people who had grown produce on 18 plots for their families over three years.

Now, the Frederick Community Garden Association has hit a snag. The owner of the property was generous to let the association use the site for the past few years, association president Renee Bourassa said, but “he’s decided to go in another direction with the property, and that is completely understandable.”

The gardeners are looking on the sunny side.

The good news is that the association has grown considerably thanks to its dedicated members, and in many ways, has outgrown the location near 35 E. South St. behind the Black Hog restaurant, Bourassa said.

According to the Association’s blog, they are talking to property owners and also looking for suggestions. So if you know of a possible place, send it along to them.

Thanks for the heads up on this story from Renee.


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