A Call to all Frederick area Restaurants and Grocery Stores

I am a little upset, but that’s okay, because this has lead me to an action that seems to be steam roll-able.  I know, I know.  I have been very lame on this site but a new cause, near and dear to my heart has reminded me of the generosity and logical thinking of the FMO community.

Remember back in 2008 when I put out an appeal to locals that a nice way to dispose of your family Christmas tree would be to donate it to the family goats I used to have?  That one simple request lead to many years of my ex-husband and me answering many requests for us to pick up your old trees.  It was a win-win.  The goats got to eat the trees, you didn’t have to figure out how to get rid of them and they stayed out of the landfills.

I have a friend who is running a farm in Bedford County, PA,  just north of the Maryland line off of Rte 68.  He is trying (and succeeding)  to raise humanely raised, woodland-foraging pigs.  But it isn’t cheap and, especially over winter the feed costs are pretty high.  Currently the farm has three nursing mothers and three pregnant sows who all need additional calories for successful pregnancies and healthy babies.  And many more of all sizes in between.

For a while now, the farm has tried unsuccessfully to get any one to listen to how much it makes sense to donate the old, unfit for human consumption produce and breads/grains to small farmers to give them a chance to fulfill their mission of humanely and responsibly raised animals and to help off-set the fluctuating prices of animal feed.  (Truthfully, they have been hung up on, been sworn at and had doors slammed in their faces.)  Especially during  the times of the year when the farm is unable to give their own leftovers to the animals, like winter when the fields are idle and early summer when all the produce is going to local farm markets.

So, I am on a mission.  So far, I have had two very generous donations from the lovely folks at Philly Rabe’s.  They are a new restaurant and have already done so much to help.  (And not just me.  They have already donated to many local causes and told me at our first discussion that human donations were their first priority.)  I have spoken to a couple other Frederick restaurants and am hoping that I can create a movement to keep food that is not good enough for human consumption but perfectly fine for animals, out of the local landfill.  By the way, my friend’s farm also has chickens and he composts almost everything so if a donation is unable to be fed to pigs, it will go to chickens.  Failing that (I can’t even imagine) it will still be composted for the gardens.

Here’s the catch.  There is no catch.  All you would have to do is fill a bucket or bag with your scraps (no meat please) and I will pick it up and deliver it.  Pretty simple really.  If you want, I will provide the bucket or bag.

If nothing else, the realization that so much usable food is being thrown away shocked me.  I want your help to make this right.

If you want to help, leave a comment here or email me at babethh@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook, Elizabeth Gillison.  Thank you so much in advance.


14 thoughts on “A Call to all Frederick area Restaurants and Grocery Stores

  1. In the early ’70s, as a teen, I worked at a McDonald’s in northern California. Every night at closing, the wasted food had to be counted but then it was all loaded into a big bin and taken to a pig farmer. Everything went in, including meat patties and the wrappers, so I would guess that the farmer did the job of getting rid of the wrappers and meat or using them in some other way.


    • I love this! A couple more ideas…suggest that people can freeze their food scraps if they don’t like the idea of leaving them outside. Then when you come to pick them up it is in a nice frozen chunk and less of a mess (for those squeamish about compost).
      Also, check with grocery stores. They throw out a ton of perfectly good food. And if they don’t offer to give it to you, check out their dumpster to see if you can just grab it (but I’m not suggesting illegal activity 😉


    • They probably didn’t sort at all. Pigs and chickens are omnivores and will happily eat meat. It just goes bad quickly, so it’s best to leave it out of collections. It’s our dirty little chicken-keeper secret that chickens loooove to eat chicken.


  2. Hi Liz, I do a lot of homebrewing, would you be interested in the spent grain from my homebrew adventures? Right now it ust goes on he compost pile, but I bet those pigs would love some nice sweet grain. Let me know.



  3. Why not ask Flying Dog for all their mash (I think that’s what its called, anyways). They’re very locally and environmentally minded so they might be willing.


  4. What about the Voltaggio restaurants? He uses locally sourced food — seems in keeping that he would want to help local farmers in return. Have you asked?


  5. I compost and my two hot sites are full. I compost purely produce and egg shells. Sometimes I throw in fish. Interested? I guarantee a grocery bag full every week.


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