Freez King Closed (Again)

Freez King Frederick Maryland

Photo Courtesy of SSO.

Poor Freez King, I wish someone would just revert it back to the old business model of soft serve cones, sundaes, etc. The place was packed on a summer evening when that was their main offering.


12 thoughts on “Freez King Closed (Again)

  1. We went a few times, primarily to get shakes and the like. Stayed away from the food because it was the same cost (or more) than eating downtown. When your burger prices are comparable to Wags but not nearly as good, there’s little incentive to think, “Hey, lets go get some grub at Freez King!” when a better, cheaper option is to be had.

    As for milkshakes, we’ll have to find another place to get a strawberry chocolate blend.


  2. Its a shame after spending $$ remodeling that place that they had to hire the same type of employees to work there. I remember 10-15 yrs ago it was super slow service and the same was true on more recent visits. I assume it was the sloooow service that did this place in. Again.


  3. We enjoyed the milkshakes we got there following a couple of Keys games last summer. Guess there just wasn’t enough business to get the bottom line right.

    Can’t say the thought of another Asian Cafe type thing thrills me.


  4. I was wondering about this. I stopped by in November and they were inexplicably ‘closed for the season’ – no warning whatsoever. They didn’t close last winter so I found it odd and not a particularly good omen.

    Their facebook/twitter hasn’t been updated since October. So strange.

    Too bad though, I loved their burgers. The location was kinda crappy though, given the prices they were charging.


  5. Everyone is welcome to stop by Meadows Frozen Custard! Voted “BEST ICE CREAM” in the ice cream challenge by Frederick Newspost. All of our product is made fresh daily, throughout the day!
    Meadows Frozen Custard
    2401 Whittier Drive


  6. I drove by tonight. The Asian Cafe is now open. There was not a soul there though, probably the rain, and I’m kicking myself for not stopping to see if they had a carry-out menu. Anyone been yet?


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