Key Drop

The Frederick News-Post says there were between 50 and 100 people in attendance to watch the Key drop for New Year’s Eve last night. Here is some more information about the making of the key from the Gazette:

“We’ve been up to Dillsburg where they drop a pickle, and Lebanon where they drop a salami,” said Jeff Fishman, who came up with the idea with some friends. “Just last year, we were in Easton [where] they drop a crab, so we came up with the idea of dropping the key.”

Fishman said the Civitan Club of Frederick is the primary sponsor for the project, which will drop the 5-foot key at the suspension bridge over Carroll Creek behind the C. Burr Artz Library on New Year’s Eve.

To build the key for New Year’s Eve, the Civitan Club enlisted the help of students in the Maryland School for the Deaf’s construction technology course.

“Nobody has apparently ever done it,” he said. “What more appropriate symbol for Frederick? … We’re planning on it to be a long-term thing and be able to do it every New Year’s Eve. Hopefully, in future years we’ll do it bigger and better and get sponsors — maybe have fireworks.”

Anyone go see the Key Drop last night? Snap some photos?

P.S. the Frederick Civitan Club’s Market Street Masters Indoor Mini-Golf Tournament is next month and they are looking for sponsors.


2 thoughts on “Key Drop

  1. I love that they used our local school to create the key, how wonderful. I have attended many First Night’s in Annapolis and in Alexandria and they were amazing fun. Lots of different venues for entertainment throughout the City and all coming together at a ‘key’ point, no pun intended B-), for the final celebration and fireworks. I can see this idea of the Key and possibly obtaining sponsors becoming a big event for our area….possibly something like our July 4 celebration.


  2. I was raised in Lebanon, Pa, so I must offer a correction about the salami drop comment from the Gazette article… It is a Lebanon bologna that is dropped – not a salami! It is a locally produced sausage that is cured and smoked. The “sweet” variety is especially tasty.


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