Cafe Rio Mexican Grill Grand Opening

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill will be located at 5100 Buckeystown Pike and opening on Wednesday January 16th. Here is some more information about the restaurant taken from an email I received from their marketing team:

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill is the best Mexican food on the planet, I kid you not. We’ve won over 60 awards and was most recently ranked the number one Quick Serve Mexican Restaurant in the Nation, for the third year in a row! Every one of our meals is made right in front of our customers eyes, nothing is prepackaged or frozen, everything is made from scratch every day, yeah, it seriously rocks. Hand squeezing over 1,000 limes a day, hand scooping every avocado, and not having any freezers or microwaves in any of our restaurants, this isn’t just fresh food, this is pure deliciousness! That however, is only a small portion of who we are, we’re especially proud of our community involvement. We like being good neighbors, and enjoy helping build for a better future. Some of the programs we will be adding to our community include Student of the Week programs, sponsoring school events in our local schools, offering all Fire and Police Departments a 50% discount every day and supporting local charities.

We will be starting our Grand Opening celebration with a ribbon cutting and donating a check for $2500 to the Frederick Educational Foundation . Our goal at Cafe Rio is to provide amazing food, great customer service and be outstanding partners in our local community.



6 thoughts on “Cafe Rio Mexican Grill Grand Opening

  1. We went opening weekend and were quite disappointed. I got the pork burrito and it was oddly sweet, sort of candy-like sweetness and very strange. Makes me feel ill whenever I think about it. My family’s meals were better, but the amount of food was small and rather than wait in the long line again (which felt highly unorganized), we just got them more foods from Subway. I much prefer Baja Fresh. They would have to offer some serious coupon deals for me to give it another shot.


    • I was there with 2 friends on a Friday night. The instant we realized there was no wine or beer we left and scooted over to Macaroni Grill. We’re women in our 50’s – we don’t eat dinner anywhere that doesn’t offer alcohol. Reality. From what we saw while we were there the food appeared to be very much fast food type stuff…wrapping it up in foil doesn’t make it any less fast food. I’d try it for lunch some time but never dinner.


      • It is a quick service restaurant, they started in Utah and are quite popular. The Olney one has been around for about a year or two. It IS fast food, no one is denying it is otherwise. They don’t even serve food on plates, they serve them in tin to go containers, you eat IN the restaurant in a to go container, so you can’t get any more “fast food” than that.

        Small servings seems like an issue with management or something, really, the Olney one, my husband can’t finish, and he can finish Chipolte, Qdoba burritos, and he always has leftovers at Cafe Rio.

        The pork can be sweet, but not too sweet. Overall it sounds like this one is still getting it’s act together, I haven’t been yet, but usually the amount of food I could eat for 2-3 days, just my serving alone. I hope that the Frederick store doesn’t hold back on serving size. (I have noticed for some reason, some Frederick chains seem to be giving smaller servings…I go to Panera in Columbia and Eldersburg and get a decent sized sandwich and I go to the ones in Frederick and I get about half as much on my sandwich?! I noticed it with another place too, but I can’t recall which one)


  2. I got plenty to eat with my strange pork burrito served “enchilado style.” I wouldn’t say it was bigger than Chipotle or Baja Fresh, but it was plenty to eat. If only it tasted good 🙂

    The others got tacos and those actually tasted good, but were quite skimpy. They seemed like a fairly poor value at only $5-6 or whatever it was.


  3. Terrible service last night! They were not helpful with the menu. I asked for salsa on my nachos and they splatted it down. I asked to see a manager and the lady that was so rude…was the MANAGER! She was so rude in front of my kids. I will never return.


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