This could have been the old Carmack Jay's…


21 thoughts on “This could have been the old Carmack Jay's…

    • This is so disappointing this did not become a Frederick hot spot! So many possibilities have been offered for this spot and I can not believe that sitting vacant is better than Trader Joe’s or THIS!


  1. I think a grocery store would serve downtown far better than another restaurant – and we do love new restaurants. But having a grocery store downtown for all of those who could walk to it or ride a bike to it would be the crown jewel for making downtown living a truly “walkable” environment. Not a “quickie” mart of some kind, either. It would have to have a good choice of meats and seafoods, produce, frozen and canned goods, breads, etc. We lived in Montreal for a year, without a car, and had 3 grocery stores within a 2 block area that were very easy to walk to and carry the groceries home from. Perfection.


    • Agree but it has to be a something that wil draw people like Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I am still hoping that the Common Market will get some common sense and move there. They had there chance more than once but for a bunch of reason (there fault but also the city) they did not.


  2. I post this as a an objective set of oberservations about downtown Frederick development. I love downtown, love the spirit of the business owners and the friendliness of the residents. I fear for its future as it increasingly loses businesses without ample replacement. Downtown is shrinking, and we need to pay attention now, or it will disappear
    Carmack Jay’s is an interesting case in point about downtown development. Voltaggio and his investors had raised the money to proceed with the full development of the property. This all became moot when they were asked to foot the tap fees for eternity in one up front payment by the city. No discussion, no negotiation. Cash up front.
    When the city asks a restaurant to pony up $250K in advance for water, with no recourse if they business fails or not, very few new restaurants will open in new locations. It is nonsensical to expect the 1st entrepreneur to pay the tap fees for all those who come behind them. That’s right; the second guy in pays nothing.

    This “policy” was brought to you courtesy of the Dougherty administration and swallowed whole by McClement. Think twice about what you wish for you during the next election cycle if love downtown Frederick and want to see it flourish.


  3. I sent many emails/letters to Barnes and Noble before they finally announced that they were coming to Frederick. I like to think I had a tiny something to do with that! 🙂


  4. Back a couple of years ago, the Amish Market in Burtonsville was looking for a new home after loosing their lease. I thought that would have been a great anchor store for the downtown ambiance.

    I wrote each commissioner a letter… to see if they could attract them to Frederick…not one of them even bothered to reply with a “thanks for the suggestion.”


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