Frederick Cellar to Close

According to this message on their website:

Frederick Cellars will be closing our doors at the end of December and we want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, volunteers and employees for sharing this great adventure with us. We’ve enjoyed meeting each and every one of you.

Thanks for the tip Darren.


10 thoughts on “Frederick Cellar to Close

  1. I’d never heard of this place. Lack of advertising/publicity? In any case, I and many of my friends drive down to the Wegmans in Leesburg to buy our wines – huge selection and less expensive than the stores here. Well worth the drive.


    • This is housed in the other half of Shab Row Bistro on East street. They used to have the whole building, then half turned into the restaurant. I was just dining there on Friday, and there were black curtains over the windows into the winery. Now I know why. BTW, Shab Row Bistro is worth a visit. Excellent service, food and a large selection of wines for dinner and for purchase.


      • I also go the the Wegmans in Leesburg for wine. Though more often I go to Trader Joes in Falls Church/Tysons Corner area. The cheapest I can buy wine in Frederick is $10/bottle. Trader Joes has several $5-6 wines that I find perfectly acceptable for “table wine.” Considering I buy 2-3 cases at a time, that is a significant cost savings.

        And I buy beer at Costco in Leesburg (usually on the way back from a trip to Dulles). And I buy most liquor either in Montgomery County or at Calvert Woodley in DC.

        It is rare to find decent deals on wine, beer, or liquor in Frederick. So I shop around. I spend $7-8 in gas for a run to DC or Virginia (yes, it helps to drive a manual Corolla). I obviously save a lot of money going farther afield to do booze stock up trips.

        Would I like to keep my business in Frederick? Sure. But I am a smart consumer and until someone around here starts offering better prices, my business will go out of county.

        That being said, if I am looking for something special, I am more than happy to go to the Frederick Wine House, where the service is excellent. I just can’t afford to shop there for everyday wine.


  2. I buy at least 2 cases of wine and save anywhere from $1 – $4/bottle depending on the wine. Sometimes even more. So if I average $2/bottle savings that’s $48. I can guarantee it doesn’t cost me $48 or even $24 in gas. I do other grocery shopping while I’m there and stop at antiques stores on the way down or back (if I don’t have frozen/cold stuff). I often take 1 or 2 friends and we all buy up the wines. The “shop at home” doesn’t sway me. I go where I get the biggest selection, the best availability, and the best prices. I shop at Macy’s in Tysons’ Corner because our Macy’s has a lousy Petites selection. I’ve tried to buy things in town only to be told “we don’t have it but we can get it in ___ days or ____weeks.” No. When I’m shopping for something I need it now, not days or weeks from now. If I can wait days I’ll go on-line and save myself the gas and often the sales tax. I also can shop at military commissaries and will go all the way to Ft. Meade to shop for groceries because its commissary is several times larger than the one at Ft. Detrick. I very much wanted to buy the Frederick Christmas cards here in town but no one had them, so I had to get them from a gallery in Annapolis. Why is that? We do at least 95% of our shopping in Frederick and Frederick County. But as far as I know I am still free to go outside the bounds of the county line to shop wherever I please to buy whatever I need.


  3. If you haven’t tried it, a good local place to buy wine is Friscos. I have has many good wines from there.

    the website says: “We offer 250 different wines, all under $15.00 Come in and check them out.

    Every Friday, come in and see what wines we have on sale for just $1.00 over cost.”


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