Open Thread: November 12th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Open Thread: November 12th Edition

  1. No need to cook dinner this Friday bring the whole family over to the Urbana Volunteer Fire Department Banquet Hall for a Spaghetti Dinner featuring J&P’s tomato Sauce with Mt. Airy Meat locker meat and Mamma Lucia’s salad and garlic knots. Plus homemade desserts.

    Next Friday November 16, 5:00-9:00pm
    UVFD Banquet Hall
    3203 Urbana Pike
    Frederick, MD 21704

    $5-Children (12 & Under)
    Take-out available

    Door prizes, silent auction, family entertainment and a craft table will be setup for kids to create holiday cards to send to our troops overseas.

    All proceeds benefit the Cpt. John Ryan Dennison Memorial
    Dedicated to the men and women of Frederick County Maryland
    Who voluntarily served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom
    To be built in Urbana District Park


  2. Anyone know if they are putting in a giant gas station by the giant off of new design/ballenger? I seen they are working on clearing off the ground and what might be another exit out.


    • I was wondering what was going up there as well. Seems a bigger footprint than a bank, which is what I first assumed, maybe a gas station, not sure.


      • Is that about where the new Technology Park will be? Maybe not, but I know they’re breaking ground on that now and it’s somewhere in that vicinity I think. It’s in today’s paper.


      • There is a five-pump gas station planned for that site so I assume that is what is being built now. For more details on pending projects, you can go to the Frederick County government website, go to Development Review Planning and Engineering, and then to Permit/Project Status. Type in Kingsbrook under the subdivision name (or SP8920 under subdivision number, which is the number for the Kingsbrook subdivision) and the list of pending projects will come up. The County often gives portions of a development a separate project number even though it is part of the same overall project, but you will see a number of references to a gas station in the Kingsbrook Crossing Shopping Center. There’s a Frederick County Planning Commission staff report dated December 14, 2011 that I found that goes into a lot of detail, but I don’t know if that reflects the most recent, approved version. (This also works if you are curious about other projects in town governed by the Frederick County Planning and Zoning process, if you know the subdivision, developer or project name.)


  3. Can anyone recommend a painter/painting company that wouldn’t scoff at a relatively small job? We need to paint the ceiling in the foyer/kitchen and the job would include drywall repair. We can probably manage walls (not until the remodel is finished), but the ceiling work is a bit too much for us to handle. This might acutally lead to more work over the next year, but each job would probably take less than a day.


  4. CJ – here is a contractor ive used for small jobs, they have never scoffed at any small jobs ive offered them. Scottie is great to deal with and local to Frederick.

    Pitts Elite Contracting


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