Open Thread: November 5th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Open Thread: November 5th Edition

  1. Does anyone know of any donation sites for clothes/food for the NY/NJ areas? I have coats & warm clothes, but can’t seem to find a place to drop them off!


    • I dont know about for NY/NJ area but I seen where Ace Hardware in Thurmont is taking donations for like new or new blankets. Just took 4 perfectly good ones over yesterady.


  2. Cara – There’s a group of people heading up to Long Island this weekend with donations. You can find more information by going to106.9 The Eagle website. The girl’s name is Amanda Rae – phone her at 240-575-4086. There is a storage unit on Rte. 40 being used for donations to be dropped off.


      • Yep, it’s a Carmaxx. And where Perkins used to be it’ll be a WaWa. I posted a comment about that on the FNP’s website after the article about it and got a very nasty response from the owner of the station. If that’s how he treats the public then no problem, we won’t be using his station.


      • So no Chili’s franchise anytime soon, Gypsy?

        I’ve had a WaWa emergency situation once in a while
        and they can be a welcome sight. But Frederick is starting to
        seem pretty congested.


  3. Is there a source for shared-housing/roommates rentals? Our son and his girlfriend are looking for a shared house/roommate situation in Frederick. They can’t afford the rents of the apartments in Frederick, especially after adding in the costs of utilities. Our son works in Rockville for Westat (and does on-line classes with U of M) so he can’t really be looking in outlying areas like Thurmont or Hagerstown because of the gas/commute costs from those places. His girlfriend currently works in WV but is applying for jobs in Frederick. Neither of them smoke (not cigarettes or anything else), drink, party, listen to loud music, no pets, very clean cut and polite. They are both 26 and right now have one car that would need parking space. It’s a sorry thing when a combined income of $20/hour isn’t enough for a decent, clean apartment, utilities/food/gas in an area that isn’t crime filled.


  4. Anyone who has tried calling Sardi’s to set up delivery and gotten no response – someone drove an SUV through their storefront and the location is closed. I don’t know when they will be reopening.


    • Theresa, there was an article in the FNP when it happened. The owner said he is going to use this as an opportunity to renovate and try to reopen by the end of the month. I LOVE that place. Great chicken and fried yucca.


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