Open Thread: October 22nd Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Open Thread: October 22nd Edition

  1. Anyone heard anything about the opening of the new grocery store – G mart on the Golden Mile? It seems like the signs been up for a while.


  2. Hi:

    My wife and two boys are contemplating a move downtown between 3rd and Church, east or west side of Market.

    I am wondering if someone had some input on the negative aspects of living downtown that one might not realize or think of, particularly when it comes to having two younger kids, 5 and 9.

    I am well aware of the positives. We love downtown. Can guess that bar scene, noise, smaller yards, might be a few negatives.

    Any insights?




    • Steve,

      Just a heads up that Market St is the border between school areas. Living on the east or west side of Market might determine your school. You can check out the school boundary maps on the FCPS site. Good luck,



      • Hi:

        Thanks for responding! I’m aware (too aware probably) of the school boundaries. My wife and I are both products of public schools so we’d prefer that route though we are contemplating St. Johns.

        Do you know anything about TJ Middle?




    • Bar scene and noise won’t be a problem if you don’t live on the block directly next to Market. We live closer to East Street than Market and have very little noise and rarely have a “bar scene” by our house.

      Parking can be a problem if you buy a house that doesn’t have a garage. There are also some houses that don’t have back access to their yards. This can be a problem for gardening/hauling/etc. Another (related) thing to think about is alley access. If you have your garbage cans in the back, and there is no alley between your house and the house next to yours, the only way to get to the sidewalk out front will be walking through your house or all the way around the houses out back (and that’s assuming you have access to the back of your yard). So when home buying look for: garage, back access to yard, and an alley between houses.

      In terms of small yards, yes, that can be a problem, but I know a lot of families on our block LOVE using the Third Street Park and basically have taken it over as their own personal back yard. 🙂 They are there all the time.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t call any of that “negative” – I absolutely love living downtown.


      • Steph:

        Thanks for the input. Did not think about the alley stuff. We live in the burbs north of the city by FCC so moving downtown would be a big lifestyle change for us and our kids.

        Sounds like you love it though. Thanks again for the input.




      • Hi Steve, we moved downtown from Lake Linganore about 5 years ago with four kids. We love it and think it’s a great place to raise kids. There is so much going on all the time, and you can walk to the library, parks etc. We have a small yard, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. The only downside to downtown living is parking, so I agree that having a garage is a huge plus. We do get some bar scene noise at closing time because we live by Hood, but it’s never been excessive. My kids did miss our old courtyard at Linganore where they could run out and play at any time, but in general they appreciate the tradeoff. It’s even better now that they are teens and can walk to restaurants or downtown with their friends. Their friends from the burbs like coming here and walking around downtown. Good luck! Beth


    • The only other problem you may have with kids and moving downtown would be the busy streets. If your kids ride bikes or like to play in the street it would be harder to do downtown than some of the more suburban neighborhoods surrounding it.


      • Maria is right, but if you move near Hood your kids can ride bike there or around Baker Park and have lots of open space to play. Hood in the summer is practically empty and our kids loved zipping around there. Our neighbor said her kids played flashlight tag there every summer too.


  3. Has anyone seen a recent date for opening the section of the the Monocacy Blvd Extension/Bypass between the airport and Gas House Pike? The signs are up on Gas House Pike, the traffic lights are in, and the road itself looks completed except for a few additional layers of asphalt between the bridge and Gas House Pike.

    All I could find on-line was the original estimate, which passed quite a while ago.


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