Open Thread: October 15th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


17 thoughts on “Open Thread: October 15th Edition

  1. Did anyone go to Colorfest? What were your impressions? I was out and about on Saturday around 4-5pm and Rt. 15 SB and Rt. 26 were really backed up and slow. I imagine it was folks leaving Thurmont. Must have been some crowd!


    • I go to Colorfest every year. This year I went on Sunday and the lady driving the shuttle bus said that on Saturday there were over 150,000 people. Sunday was a little less crowded but still pretty packed. I love that festival!


  2. Anyone been to the new TJMaxx yet? I’ve had two friends go and the impressions of both were the same…”junky looking” “no real selection” “not much there” I don’t shop in any store that doesn’t carry a Petites selection and I have noticed that the TJMaxx in Mt. Airy has done away with their Petites racks and tried to mix a few things into the regular sizes. That doesn’t work for me as I’m not going to spend endless hours going thru every rack looking for Petites. Fully 1/3 of the adult females in the US are 5′ 4″ and under – qualifying as “Petite” – so they’re cutting out a big segment of the population. I haven’t had any time to get to the new store and won’t til sometime after the end of October (out of the state).


    • I have the opposite problem–It’s very difficult to find women’s clothing in Tall sizes–in Frederick or elsewhere. I’ve never understood why women’s pants’ sizes are so standardized–usually just “regular” length, some petites, and rare Long or Tall. Men get exact lengths to the inch AND exact waist sizes. Oh, and exact sleeve lengths, too–in dress shirts, and sometimes casual shirts. Women’s arm lengths, like leg lengths, are all the same in the eyes of garment manufacturers, it would seem.


    • TJ Maxx and Marshalls are owned by the same company…when I walked into the TJ Maxx that just opened in Frederick it was an EXACT Replica of the Marshalls in Clemson Corner, mind you it had better lighting and was much bigger. It had bigger walkways and was not “junky looking” but just wait until it is here for a bit….It will get that way!! It it had a Home Goods attached to it I would Visit but otherwise, I will stay out of TJ Maxx. I hate shopping the Racks too!!


  3. The ColorFest sounds like it might be reaching its “peak” as far as numbers go. Sometimes events get too crowded and lose their pleasure. I hope that is not the case but 150,000 folks gives me the jitters. Has anyone ever tried the apple festival in Bigglerville, PA? Its been years since I’ve been but always a good time!

    Haven’t been to the new TJ Maxx yet. They do tend to be (along with Marshalls) more time consuming than worth, imo.


    • I agree 100%, Peanut Butter. We used to attend Colorfest every year.. but eventually it just got to be ‘too much’ for me. 150,000 in ONE DAY? wow. I am glad people go and enjoy it, but it’s not for me anymore. Regarding the Apple Festival, yes, we went a few years ago, it’s a lovely setting, but I found the crafts to be more ‘second rate’ than what I expected. For instance: wine bottles with strings of white lights inside. It’s worth a look it you’ve never been before.


    • Yup, I agree that 150,000 people squeezing into Thurmont for Colorfest isn’t my cup of tea, either. I went last year and still enjoyed myself, but it was rather hectic and not the fun, relaxing experience it had been in years past.


  4. Probably too late, but tonight (monday) a holocaust survivor is speaking at Peoples Baptist Church off of Carpenter Rd. in Frederick. 7pm.


  5. I just went to the new TJ Maxx yesterday and LOVED it! I found great deals on work apparel as well as great baby items. There wasn’t anything on clearance yet but I thought it was so clean, and very well organized. Home Goods is opening in Clemson Corner eventually as well.

    I’ve always shopped at the TJ Maxx in Mt Airy and after awhile it got disorganized but this being open for only one week, I was impressed. There weren’t any lines, everything was neat and organized, there was plenty to choose from and the staff was very professional. It is a pretty accurate replica of Marshall’s but so nice to have something on that side of town.

    I also have the tall problem! Pants are never long enough and they don’t offer a lot of longer lengths at most stores. TJ Maxx and Marshalls get a few here and there in long lengths from The Limited.
    The sales clerk said they have been SO busy! People were lined up outside for their Grand Opening. I’m not sure it warrants standing outside but I thought it was nice.


    • I used to work for Marshalls and I opened the one in Clemson Corner….Believe me when I tell you the TJ Maxx in Frederick is an EXACT Replica of Marshalls!! This one is just brand spankin new. I hope they keep this one organized and clean….after I left working at Marshall’s when I walked in as a customer once it was so messy and disorganized. I didn’t work there anymore but wanted to start putting things in there place and help them clean the place up!! It made me sad the place I helped open went down to that!!

      The TJ Maxx has better displays and as far as it looks the Employees were happy to be there from what I saw so maybe this will be a good change for the empty space that once was Borders!! It may just be a Great store that I will go back into….we will see??


    • Shoulda been an REI, or a single restaurant like Chili’s. A big gas station is going to cause far more traffic havoc and it is just turning 85 into another Golden Mile. Truly stupid decision. But I guess whoever came up with the money first………shallow and stupid.


      • As the owner and financier of this particular franchise should I instead let my family starve or slide into poverty? Before you start calling people names and purporting that it will cause “more traffic havoc” please produce the civil engineering study that proves your claim. Speaking of civil I thought that there was a rule about maintaining civility in the comments. If you so desire a Chili’s (why anyone would, I don’t know) and think there is an unfulfilled need for one then become an entrepreneur and start one.


    • Good point.

      I’d like to see the civil engineering study too. Traffic on the other side of the mall, around the entrance to the Sheetz is messy.

      Perhaps the WaWa may actually improve traffic.


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