Frederick Turkey Trot, 2012

The Way Station Turkey Trot is back for 2012:

Way Station, Inc., an active member of the Frederick community for the past 29 years, is currently sponsoring a 5k run & 1k fun run/walk on Thanksgiving Day.  This walk will benefit children, adolescents, and adults with serious mental illness by enabling Way Station to assist them with their daily living, housing, and employment goals.

You can register online through or download a form via the Way Station’s site.


2 thoughts on “Frederick Turkey Trot, 2012

  1. Always a fun run and well put together!
    I have one suggestion. How about a sign at the start for the walkers to start after the runners.
    I totally understand some people want to walk the 5k but it is very difficult for the runners to manuver around the grand parents pushing a double wide stroller and groups of 4 people wide walking.

    Thank you for the run and your great work in the community.



  2. I agree 100% with Ray. Just start the walkers 5-10 mins after the runners are off the starting line. Running and bumping into multiple people makes no one happy. Let alone almost being taken out by a dog along the way. Still had a blast! Thx!


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